Official cooperation between Singer and Porsche

Singer and Porsche will cooperate on the engines in the future. Porsche Motorsport North America supplies the engines for the tuned 911 Restomods. Singer still gives the six-cylinder boxer the finishing touches.

Converting a Porsche 911 is daring. There are few sports cars that are as iconic as the legend from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The Californian company Singer Vehicle Design does it anyway.

Official cooperation for the first time

The work of the Americans has proven itself so well in recent years that Porsche is now officially collaborating with the refiners. In the future, Porsche Motorsport North America will supply the engines for the Californians. The British engine manufacturer Cosworth, among others, had previously worked on the heart of the 911. Williams Advanced Engineering also pimped the engines of the Singer Porsches under its own direction. The Americans even hired Hans Mezger, who was considered the father of the six-cylinder boxer, as a consultant for the Singer DLS.

Despite the cooperation, the engines in the Porsches will continue to have the special Singer specifications, according to a statement from the Californians. The Restomod company from Los Angeles does not use technical input from Porsche Motorsport North America. The subsidiary of Porsche AG based in California only assembles the engines. Practical for Singer: The location of Porsche Motorsport North America is only an hour's drive from the company's headquarters.

It's not unusual for Porsche to deliver engines. However, this applies primarily to motorsport teams or private teams fighting for victories on the race track. Singer, on the other hand, is not active in racing, but rather converts the 911 models for the road.

Singer DLS still from Williams

The Singer DLS does not form part of the agreement. Williams Advanced Engineering continues to build the unit in the UK. The 500 hp boxer engine has been available for delivery as a customer vehicle since last year. The six-cylinder in the Singer DLS manages a whopping 9,000 revolutions per minute. The lightweight design from the Californians weighs just 900 kilograms. However, this special conversion has its price. Customers have to put 1.5 million euros on the table for the Restomod. In addition, according to the Americans, there are only 75 copies of this singer.

Founded by a musician

Former frontman of the band Catherine Wheel, Rob Dickinson founded Singer Vehicle Design in 2009. The name Singer is a tribute to former Porsche engineer Norbert Singer and to Dickinson's own music career. Since then, the Porsche restorer has brought more than 60 models to customers. Either the Coupé or the Targa of the 964 series, which Porsche produced from 1989 to 1994, serves as the basis.


Singer leaves an impression - and not only with fans of Restomods. Porsche is also showing interest in the special conversions made by the Americans and will in future be assembling the engines of the Singer 911 conversions.


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