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Novitec N-Largo McLaren 720S: carbon wide body with 806 hp

Novitec N-Largo McLaren 720S
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First of all for everyone who wants the Novitec N-Largo M cLaren 720S can and want to do - there will only be 15 copies worldwide. What do you get or miss?

Novitec has widened the McLaren 720S by six centimeters on the front axle and 13 centimeters on the rear axle. All body modifications are made with carbon components. Vittorio Strosek is responsible for the final design.

Wide fenders and wide wheels

The front fenders and rear side panels of the wide version completely replace the series counterparts. All parts are screwed to the chassis at the original fastening points. In the significantly larger wheel arches on the front and rear axles, there is then space for the MC2 forged wheels with a central locking look, which were specially manufactured for the Novitec N-Largo and which were developed in cooperation with the American rim manufacturer Vossen. The wheels are available in many different colors, optionally with a brushed or polished surface.

The wide version allows an extremely concave wheel spider with seven filigree double spokes, especially on the rear axle. The 12x21 inch wheels are fitted with 325/25 ZR 21 tires. On the front axle, 9x20-inch wheels with a concave middle section and tires in the format 255/30 turn.

As a link between the wheel arches at the front and rear, Novitec has installed newly designed side skirts with integrated ventilation openings that block the airflow guide the rear brake discs and calipers. The vertical air inlets behind the doors supply the engine compartment with fresh air.

Carbon in abundance

The new front apron, which replaces the standard part, is shaped in such a way that it does more than emphasize the two-seater gives an aggressive front view and connects perfectly to the wider front fenders. The design, which was optimized in the wind tunnel, in combination with the front blade, optionally in a carbon fiber version, reduces aerodynamic lift, which further optimizes driving stability at high speeds.

The aerodynamic counterpart at the rear is the rear wing attachment Developed for the standard extendable spoiler, which is also available in carbon fiber to give it a distinctly racing look. Through hisSophisticated design with a trailing edge extended to the rear, the downforce on the rear axle is further increased. The wide version's fenders are adapted to the rear bumper using special attachments on the left and right. In addition, Novitec also offers a carbon fiber version of the diffuser. The trunk lid, the air scoop on the roof and the exterior mirror housings contribute even more carbon.

Up to 806 hp possible

For a more squat look, 35 millimeter shortened suspension springs. The performance will be increased in three stages. Stage one and two include a newly programmed engine control, the last stage also relies on a stainless steel sports exhaust system. The exhaust system is optionally also made of Inconel material, is available with a flap control and thus achieves an additional output of 86 hp. In total, the McLaren then has 806 hp and a maximum torque of 878 Nm. Of course, performance also benefits from this: after just 2.7 seconds, the tuned lightweight sports car is already 100 km /h. 7.5 seconds after the start, 200 km /h are reached. The top speed increases to 346 km /h.

If you still haven't had enough, you can also have the interior of the McLaren individually designed.


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