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Novitec Ferrari 488 Pista: Over 800 PS for the Über-Ferrari

Novitec Ferrari 488 Pista (2019)
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The 720 HP of a F errari 488 Pista should also satisfy those who are hungry for performance. But not the tuner Novitec. How else would the tuning package, which includes 82 PS and numerous optical modifications, be understood? The Italian, which is now 345 kilometers per hour (series: 340 km /h), also gets up to 898 Newton meters (series: 770 Nm) from a V8 engine. When applied perfectly to the ground, this power ensures a 100 km /h sprint in just 2.7 seconds. This makes it 0.15 seconds faster than its serial brother.

Novitec achieves the extra power in a classic way: The boost pressure of the 3.9-liter biturbo was increased. The engine control has been adapted with new maps for injection and ignition. In combination with new exhaust systems, which are optionally available in stainless steel or in the weight-reduced high-performance material Inconel with or without exhaust flaps, as well as 100-cell sports catalytic converters, the maximum output is 802 hp. The increase in output by 82 hp costs from 11,890 euros (145 euros per hp). For comparison: A current Citroën C3 with 83 hp costs from 12,990 euros.

Up to 22-inch rims on offer

But it doesn't have to stay at this price. The in-house chassis technology from Novitec is also available as a tuning package. These include suspension springs to reduce the vehicle height, or complete suspension solutions with parameters that are precisely coordinated. A set of side skirts, a rear spoiler lip, hood and mirror covers, a front sword and various complete wheel sets with up to 22 inch rims and up to 33.5 centimeters wide rear wheels ensure a sportier look. Novitec only offers individual solutions for the interior.


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