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Novidem-Nissan GT-RS: Disguised Porsche fright from the tuner

Rossen Gargolov
Novidem-Nissan GT-RS tested on the Hockenheimring
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' That would be the right emergency vehicle for us. Shall we swap? “, It echoes from the right-hand side as the door of the Nissan GT-RS slowly swings open when refueling. While the Japanese athlete is sipping high-octane beer from the fuel nozzle, two uniformed soldiers next door are supplying their olive-colored Bundeswehr SUV with diesel.

Visually would the Nissan GT-RS fit into the Bundeswehr fleet

Military G-Class versus Nissan's dynamic miracle weapon? Just a joke exchange offer, but at least optically this GT-RS would fit into the Bundeswehr fleet. On request, the Swiss tuner Novidem can throw a camouflage net over the Nissan using adhesive film for 2,500 euros. But the motto of the spotted Nissan is by no means camouflage and deception. Short starter whirring, then the biturbo all-wheel drive roars one last jagged greeting through its four stainless steel tailpipes. With a dull growl, he shows the gas station the rear of the spoiler and hisses happily on the A 81.

Performance increase from 485 to 585 PS

Thanks completely From the engine, modified exhaust system with 0.2 bar less back pressure than with the standard exhaust, there is not only an Asian touring car concert live and unplugged, but also an extra portion of power. 'With the new exhaust system alone, we can achieve 14 to 18 hp more power,' says Novidem managing director Normando Ruggiero. The power regimen does not end here, however. An additional control unit, together with the exhaust system, elicits a total of 100 horses more from the 3.8-liter V6 than the 485 hp series variant. The maximum torque increases from 588 to 715 Newton meters.

Sprint to 100 km /h in 3.9 seconds

The pilot activates the electronic power injection at the push of a button. The tuned GT-R revs up with noticeably better power delivery than the factory model. After 3.9 seconds, the camouflaged athlete rushes over the 100 km /h mark and is two tenths of a second faster than the production model measured in the sport auto super test (Click here for the super test of the Nissan GT-R ). A free autobahn and the virtuoso choreography of a high-speed needle and flickering shift lights make for a speed spectacle. After 11.3 seconds, the pace is 200 (series 13.1 seconds). The low-altitude automobile flight continues. Sixth gear,7,000 rpm: End of the speed orgy.

The digital speedometer calls for billing. According to the speedometer, the Novidem GT-R runs at 313 km /h in the Bregenz. The GPS that is carried has a little surprise ready and packs another three kilometers per hour on top. Thanks to Swiss tuning support, the Japanese ideally runs exactly 6 km /h faster than its serial brother with an official top speed of 310 km /h. However, if a bump in the road gets in the way of the fast runner, the GT-R from Novidem lets its passengers immediately feel that the chassis has not remained untouched either. New springs from H&R lower the vehicle's center of gravity by 35 millimeters on the front axle and by 25 millimeters on the rear axle. Otherwise, the chassis geometry was adopted from the factory model.

Changing load conditions are largely unknown to him

Due to the harder lowering springs, the driving comfort suffers, especially on transverse joints. When the steering wheel is turned fully, the 20-inch series wheels also scratch the wheel arches slightly. But these are only minor flaws of the tuned top athlete, who already flirted with his handling qualities on the journey to Hockenheim. Whether it is narrow motorway exits or winding country roads, the Swiss elector has a bit more addictive potential than the already agile serial brother. Clack, clack, clack, quickly move the three switches above the gear selector lever into position for the ride on the small course in Hockenheim. Damper characteristics in tight race mode, all-wheel drive in R position, VDC-R (ESP) off - the time rush begins. Despite its combative appearance, the Nippon racer does not mimic the devious warrior. Hardly noticeable understeer, no sudden oversteer - the sports guy from the Far East follows precisely and neutrally the line that his handlebars give him. Thanks to a good weight distribution through the transaxle drive train and impressive traction through the all-wheel drive with variable power distribution, the GT-R largely dispenses with load change reactions.

In addition to the series tires Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST, the six-speed dual clutch transmission GR6 also fits perfectly into the successful race track composition. When changing gears, the slightest interruption of power does not disturb, and even in the bends you can shift up and down with the paddles on the steering wheel. Just as beneficial for visiting the racetrack: In the R position, the transmission holds the gears and the GT-R storms against the rev limiter without automatic upshifting. Novidem also modified the already generously dimensioned Brembo brake system so that the excursion to the limit does not end with a nasty surprise. New AP Racing brake discs, new air baffles for brake cooling and, on request, Pagid brake pads arrive at the front axlethe front and rear axles are used.

Lap time at Porsche GT2 level

After two flying laps, the Novidem-Express trots back into the pit lane in Hockenheim, and the GT-R grins even more thievingly its trapezoid headlights. There is a reason for this: Nobody has ever had a fabulous time glowing in the Baden asphalt so relaxed. With 1.09.5 minutes, the GT-R from Novidem outclasses the production vehicle by 1.2 seconds. Short time comparison: 1.10.4 minutes for the current Porsche GT3 and 1.09.7 minutes for the GT2. Sounds incredible, but it's true.

The works team from Stuttgart should dress even warmer when Novidem boss Ruggiero announces: 'For 2010 we are planning a 150 kilo lighter Nissan GT-R with around 800 hp.' As if it were wouldn't be nice enough.


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