Novidem-Nissan GT-R in the test

Rossen Gargolov
Novidem-Nissan GT-R in the test
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V on some things you can theoretically never get enough - be it cake, coffee or kilowatts. But at some point it inevitably says: enough is enough. It's good if there is a switch that you can flip. As with the Nissan GT-R prepared by the Swiss tuner Novidem, which houses a small, inconspicuous knob on the right under the steering wheel, with which almost any hunger for performance can be satisfied. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to put a stop to partial overfeeding. Simply by reducing the boost pressure with a twist.

This is what happened when trying to pulverize the lap time of the standard 530 hp Japanese cult athlete in Hockenheim - 1.10.0 minutes - with 220 additional horsepower.

Nividem-Nissan GT-R with 750 PS and 900 Nm

Correctly calculated: The 750 PS available in total and the torque of 900 Newton meters at 5,500 rpm proved to be despite the Drive technology perfect conditions as less assertive than calculated in advance. The best lap time was recorded at 1.09.2 minutes, and only after the boost pressure was reduced by two levels by turning the click while driving - to 1.3 bar or around 680 hp.

On the one below The maximum boost pressure of 1.45 bar generated horsepower suffered less from the driver, who only acknowledged the enormous pressure build-up of the V6 biturbo with a confused shake of his head, than from the front tires, which had come under unusual pressure.

Effective use of the forces is thwarted

As soon as you get the maximum torque assigned to you by the distributor in parallel to the onset of wheel slip on the rear axle, the slip also works through with them. The result: the front axle drifts outwards because of the wheel spin that occurs when exiting a curve. An early and thus effective use of all available forces is inevitably thwarted.

Regardless of this, the proverbial foolproof driving behavior of the Nissan GT-R is not thwarted by the dramatically perceived additional power. That means: The Nissan also reacts calmly, if not to say stubborn, to provoked load changes, with the help of which the all-wheel drive could be aligned at the apex to a catapult start in the exit of a curve. ATire-technical 'reinforcement' of the front axle could help to channel the gained forces more effectively, but according to Novidem there is currently no suitable offer from the tire industry.

So the anticipation is concentrated on even greater assertiveness the significant increases in longitudinal dynamics: the sprint to 100 km /h should - according to the manufacturer - be completed within 2.8 seconds (series: 3.3 seconds). This means that the acceleration value up to 200 km /h should be well below the ten-second mark. In order to be able to enjoy this form of performance escalation in the Nissan GT-R in the long term without technical calamities, according to Normando Ruggiero, Managing Director of Novidem, sufficient precautions have been taken.

Expensive modifications are necessary

A new, significantly larger brake system is just as much a part of it as the reinforcement of the standard dual clutch transmission. The price alone - 17,800 euros - shows how much effort is required to create an appropriate and eligible environment for this number of horses.


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