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Novidem-Audi R8 V8 compressor: Swiss put athletes under pressure

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Novidem-Audi R8 4.2 FSI V8 compressor
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Novidem-Audi R8 with compressor voice

S ie is a real treat. Like a catchy tune, it immediately populates every turn of the brain. Even with a cold start, it becomes an unforgettable appetizer like the greeting from the kitchen. It has that certain something that makes the civil brothers stand there almost in silence. You? That is the voice of the Novidem-Audi R8 compressor. It impresses with a diverse wow factor - from dirty and grumbling to hoarse and sexy roaring. Nobody has roared so beautifully for a long time, even stop-and-go drives with 2,000 crankshaft rotations become a top-class sound experience. A new stainless steel exhaust system with 0.35 bar less counter pressure not only provides the new vocal power of the Audi mid-engine racer. To the right of the 90-degree V8 sits a fillet piece of tuning food. Thanks to the supercharger, Novidem now elicits 520 hp instead of 420 from the 'small' Audi R8.

The oomph is considerable

Unlike most manufacturers, the Swiss tuning and compressor specialist does not trust a screw compressor, but has developed a radial compressor called R48. This is activated automatically via an additional control unit and with the help of an electromagnetic clutch from 1,200 revolutions. When stationary, the charger does not unnecessarily compress air, which in turn would have to be cooled. A charge air cooler in the rear left fender protects against overheating. The compressor technology has its price: For the increase in performance and the new exhaust system, Novidem charges 29,990 euros, including assembly and TÜV approval. But the extra power in the equivalent of a well-equipped new GTI car is worth it. The oomph is considerable, and the even power delivery ensures a permanent grin. A whirring compressor concert vigorously accompanies the forward thrust, but by no means screeching annoyingly as with so many screw compressors.

After 13.1 seconds the 200 km /h mark falls

Tempo 100 is out of range Stand after 4.2 seconds of history. After 13.1 seconds, the Novidem printing press panted over the 200 km /h mark. In the 100 sprint, the Swiss by choice buttons off the production model for half a second. Up to 200 things it is even 3.1 seconds. Only at 313 km /h does the GPS report the end of propulsion (series V8: 301 km /h). This means that the tuned eight-cylinder is on a similar level to the factory R8 V10 with 525 hp (here you come to the sportauto-Supertest Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro R tronic). In the Novidem-R8, those who greedy curves will not only enjoy the racing-style Recaro full shell seats (2,400 euros including assembly). 35 mm lowering springs from H&R (1,300 euros including assembly), PPI front flaps for less lift on the front axle, Pagid brake pads and Michelin cup tires improve R8 fitness on the racetrack.

Small course in Hockenheim in 1.11.5 minutes

Man instead of coward: If you want to be fast on the track with the tuned mid-engine athlete, you should have robust reflexes. After the agile and jagged turn-in behavior, the R8 twitches significantly with the rear from the middle of the curve when accelerating out, even with warmed up cup tires. Even if it is enough for 1.11.5 minutes on the short course in Hockenheim (series: 1.12.7 min), there is still some catching up to do when it comes to the comfort zone at the limit. 'We are currently optimizing the stability of the rear axle in order to bring the performance even better to the road,' promises Novidem managing director Normando Ruggiero. Great, then nothing stands in the way of an extreme version - in 2010 Novidem wants to present an R8 with around 800 hp.


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