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New Porsche 911 GTS in the driving report: a blast with turbo?

Porsche 911 GTS (2017) in the driving report
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W he hardly any other - oh nonsense, Like no other car brand, Porsche plays on the keyboard of pleasure. Generate desire, offer satisfaction, pamper yourself, know its value, accurately delimit each other. This also applies to the GTS models of the 911 Carrera. Unlike its predecessors, underneath the racing GT, the culmination of the naturally aspirated engine culture in the 911, they now breathe biturbo like the rest of the Carrera. It becomes more difficult to differentiate. Because apart from the GT3, all 911s are now forced to ventilate with a charger. Also the Carrera S and GTS. Even with the price difference of just under 110,766 euros to 125,451 euros, experienced Porsche customers shouldn't fall into gasp.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS (2017) with 450 hp

With its 450 hp ( 30 extra) and 550 Newton meters of torque, thanks to the new supercharger, is such a committed GTS that it would have achieved top model status a few years ago. The compressor wheels grew from 51 to 55, the turbine from 45 to 48 millimeters, the rest is done by the motor control, which conditions the mechanics for the larger volume of air. Advantage for Porsche: no changes to the hardware from the intake to the exhaust system are necessary. The maximum torque is available a little later than with the S model, but it pushes more decisively. It starts just above 2,000 rpm. And all GTS can manage over 300 km /h.

All new GTS models surpass the 300 km /h mark.

How, everyone? Keyword keyboard: After all, Porsche is not just unleashing a GTS on the 911 community, but a whole pack. To be more precise: five variants. From the purist 911 Carrera GTS Coupé with rear-wheel drive and manual transmission (with 312 km /h, best top speed) to theSprinter Carrera 4 GTS Coupé with all-wheel drive and dual clutch transmission (0-100 km /h in 3.6 s) up to the fresh-air versions Cabrio and Targa (the latter basically with all-wheel drive and PDK). Which one do we take? On the racetrack, of course, the coupé. It is just as appealing here as there is no alternative.

Wider body (as with the all-wheel drive models) including a correspondingly wider track plus stiffer stabilizers, a new front section with a deeper spoiler and the wider rear spoiler bind the GTS to the asphalt even more intensely than the S-siblings, especially since adaptive dampers are standard in all of them, the lower-lying PASM sports suspension is standard on the Coupé. Well, no one will complain about the tasteful, sporty Alcantara furnishings. Probably not about the darkened taillights either, the continuous band is reserved for the all-wheel drive.

Great sound thanks to the sports exhaust - despite the turbo

But let's take care of the driving. Seating position as usual, so perfect on the firmly gripping sports seats, with four-way adjustment as standard (for fans: with a new seam pattern). And a firm hold doesn't hurt when the GTS tackles the next straight. It can accelerate, the biturbo loads powerfully from below, the next gear is safe (manual transmission, great!), As is the connection. No wonder, when you take off the gas, the throttle valves do not close completely, so that the gas column in the intake tract does not completely collapse. The turbine and charger always stay in tune, which shortens the response time when you accelerate again. So the long version. Short version: Great! It is difficult for naturally aspirated engine fans to admit it, but the biturbo has something. Also emotionally, as he whistles and does and does, roars audibly from the standard sports exhaust and spurts when you take the gas off - great respect. Which Porsche already deserves with the variable charger geometry, another feature that brings the turbo close to the vacuum in terms of response. We don't have to talk about torque and power.

Striking in the new 911 GTS: the new front section with a deeper spoiler and the further extending rear spoiler. This makes the GTS even better on the road.

Yes, this orchestration in the old three-eighth vacuum cleaner when he audibly and tangibly changed his breathing depending on the speed, bound the exhaust flaps, that was great cinema. But when the GTS casually distributes a torque trowel, finely dosed mind you, without weakening when turning it out, it becomes difficult to criticize doggedly through the joyful eyes. The GTS is literally a strong guy. Suitable for everyday use for everyone who has enough money to be able to afford it without even wanting to tap into its potential. You enjoy his firm handshake, his affable nature, neat overview, bearable dimensions (yes, some see it differently) and the surprisingly good comfort. Without becoming soft.

Precise steering behavior and roll stabilization

Nothing with sloppy, the guy is fit and wide awake, follows the commands on the steering wheel cleanly. May you once have come across as even drier with the stiff hydraulic steering, it reacts precisely, the GTS. Especially with the optional rear-axle steering, which promotes handiness and stability whenever one of the properties is required. He benefits from the wider track, lies full and safe, the control electronics are practically not required when the UHP Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires mesh with the asphalt. Nervousness? Not a trace. Whether bumps in the braking zone or a lousy surface on alternating bends - the GTS takes it easy. Its dampers work smoothly enough to do without swaying. Oh yes, roll stabilization is also on board.


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