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New Pagani model in the website's program code? (2020)

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A On March 7th, the now canceled Geneva Motor Show should begin , shortly before that, Pagani changed its website - very hidden. Enthusiasts who regularly comb through the page source code of manufacturer websites have found the changes: By the end of 2019, the Italians had already hidden an abstract drawing of a Pagani model in the program code. The strings result in a flat, wide sports car with striking exterior mirrors and wide tires. Apparently it is the front view of the Pagani Imola - recognizable by the white hole in the middle of the drawing, which represents the upper area of ​​the NACA nozzle embedded in the front of the Imola. The then US American National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA, NASA since 1958) originally developed the aerodynamic NACA openings for jet aircraft; they have also been used in series vehicles since the mid-1960s.

Pagani Automobili
And here the Pagani Imola in the abstract source code representation.
Pagani Automobili Pagani Imola from the front: The NACA nozzle in the front is clearly visible.

Old drawing replaced with new one

Now the front view of the Imola has disappeared from the source code of the Pagani website - replaced by a new rear view. Of course, fans speculate why right now, so shortly before the Geneva Motor Show, which has now burst, a new abstract image appears in the Pagani page source code. Is it a new model from the Italians who specialize in supercars? After all, Pagani traditionally likes to present new models or individual pieces at the Swiss trade fair. The new picture shows a wide sports car again - most noticeable is the large rear wing at roof height, which extends almost the entire width of the vehicle.

Pagani Automobili
The new in HTML code of the Pagani Website hidden image shows a sports car with a large rear spoiler from behind. A new model?

So this could also be the Imola again, but its characteristic fins on the right and left at the end of the rear wing are not closed detect. In addition, only the left exterior mirror can be seen - the model shown is turned slightly to the left. This closes the right outside mirror with the rear spoiler and conceals a possible fin. Then the programmers would have to have added a few characters by hand to the left end of the rear spoiler in order to hide the fin there as well.


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