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New Corvette Z06 (2021): Sport version with naturally aspirated V8

Stefan Baldauf
Erlkönig Corvette Z06 (2021)
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W ie already with the previous series, The Corvette Stingray only marks the base, followed by Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1, but also for the first time a hybrid version. If you orientate yourself on the product sequence of the C7, our Erlkönig photographer succeeded in taking the first pictures of the Z06. The model should come onto the market in 2021 as a 2022 model.

Fat tires, weaker engine

The rear, wide-flared fenders, which also accommodate wider performance tires, are eye-catching. Not yet to be seen in the pictures, but the Z06 also gets an enlarged rear spoiler.

Speaking of performance: The Z06 comes with a 5.5 liter V8 vacuum cleaner that develops 600 hp. That is significantly less than the 650 hp from the supercharged V8 of the C7. Only with the ZR1 does the eight-tender come with turbocharging and 800 hp. The eight-speed dual clutch transmission from Tremec of the Stingray is responsible for the power transmission

Z06-specific interior

The red 'Spec Mode' button sits at the bottom of the steering wheel.

Oriented towards the interior The Z06 is of course on the C8, but a first drawing from 2019 showed the cockpit with a large red 'Spec Mode' button. The drawing also shows the layout of a racetrack, and there are also carbon applications instead of leather.

Apropos seeing: According to rumors, the covered wheels are supposed to hide electric motors, so the prototype is the Corvette E-Ray, the hybrid version of the C8. However, we have already seen this type of camouflage on the Shelby GT500 with conventional drive. The wider wheels don't necessarily speak for one eitherHybrid version.


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