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Nardo high-speed test: eight competitors chasing top-speed

Achim Hartmann
High-speed test Nardo
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V ier minutes between buzzing and spectacle. Four minutes in which the Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss takes a run-up to thunder past the spectators after exactly 12.5 kilometers of high-speed circuit with a full throttle show. The buzzing turned into a deafening crackling and hammering of his 5.4 liter supercharged V8. An acoustic inferno that puts a big grin on faces. And while the silver racing cigar shoots by, somewhere over 330 km /h, a full-load flame column is blue and stable like a welding torch from the side pipes.

The Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss reaches 338 km /h

For this moment the driver suffers. Because while the pit crew is enjoying the scenery with a 30-degree breeze and a cool Coke, the pilot is hit by the wind pressure with full force. The 330 km /h storm rushes brutally over the eternally long front hood, swirls upwards on the mini disk, and then slaps the visor of the helmet like a hammer. At this moment the road and the sparse night lighting blur into a distorted image. The head shakes like wedged in a hammer drill. Keeping in lane becomes an existential task, and the feeling of speed screams: Mach 1. The incorruptible GPS, on the other hand, reports dry 338 km /h as the essence of the automotive test of courage. Twelve km /h less than the factory request, but who cares at this combustion gala?

The Lamborghini Murciélago at 340 km /h

The skull is still booming and the next beast is already roaring. The Lamborghini Murciélago SV asks in screaming orange ( The Lamborghini Murciélago SV in the individual test ) for the Tempo orgy. Super Veloce stands for super fast. Any questions? The good thing about him: he has a disc. The bad: but no longer a large grand piano The Lamborghini boys have that in favor of more speed , but screwed down less contact pressure. With 670 hppush another 20 HP more from its twelve-cylinder than the SLR Stirling Moss. And while the Murciélago roars and screams like a fighting bull in its last corrida at 8,000 tours, the acceleration pressure pushes the blood, which is still vibrating from the SLR, out of the head. Italy's ground jet picks up arrogantly and casually, bucks a bit in the hard waves and then lands at 340 km /h. Record for this time.

Thanks to the W12 cylinder, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur reaches 317 km /h

Time for some relaxation. Sir Bentley Continental Flying Spur is allowed to run in the Speed ​​version. English root wood needle with German W12 heart and 610 hp. Cozy seating, high-end sound system and - oops, we're already at 300 km /h. Where are all the waves that the Murciélago just punched in the bottom? It travels comfortably at 317 km /h, while the audience is almost pushed away from the gang by the wind pressure surf of the 2.5-ton ship.

Cadillac brings the brand new CTS-V to the start

Tempo understatement also sails across from the other side of the pond. Cadillac brings the brand new CTS-V to the start . An edgy guy with a honeycomb grill and mini rump, but also real steam? His 6.2 liter supercharged V8 thuds off angry if this question comes up. Connoisseurs know: This is where the heart of the Corvette ZR-1 fires (to the individual test of the Corvette ZR1). Without titanium connecting rods and the last bit of boost pressure, it is still enough to produce 564 hp - for a mid-range sedan. With tires fully inflated for speed hunting, he rolls into the night. The harsh small-block slang of the American Hero echoes around the course. The Cadillac CTS track, rolled over his factory specification of 302 km /h at eight and then stands so cool for the tire check in the pit lane, where the specialists from Dekra carry out the technical acceptance as if he had just come out of the car wash.

The speedometer needle of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage comes to a stop at 308 km /h

A provocative declaration of war for the more than twice as expensive, but 47 hp weaker Aston Martin V12 Vantage (The Aston Martin V12 Vantage in the driving report). Very handsome, with slits in the front hood through which its butt-softening, delicious-sounding 5.9-liter DBS power plant steams waste heat. First he storms, then he fights - at every km /h over 290. In the long geared sixth gear he wrestles his 305 km /h factory specification, packs another three kilometers on top with a lot of acceleration. The Porsche GT3 chatters almost bored ( To the individual test of the Porsche GT3 ) next on the course. Stubborn straight-ahead bolt irritates the white winger like High German the Swabian. He dutifully rushes forward with a racing roar. Its spoiler mechanism pushes it into its springs at 300 km /h with an additional 100 kilograms. Experience gluing as a true credo. The GPS shows 316 km /h: Mission exceeded by four km /h.

550 PS catapult the Ford GT to 330 km /h

And already it sounds American again in Apulia. A Ford GT goes on the hunt after 330 km /h. First attempt: Roaring like a rutting Rocky Mountains moose, it fails with 550 hp in sixth gear on 320. perplexed faces. Outside temperatures too high? Too much downforce? Wrong gear? Second attempt: Now the fifth alone has to fix it. The 5.4-liter compressor flounder sweeps particularly close and therefore quickly up on the guardrail. The speedometer needle rises, 310, 320, 325 - the measurement technicians are beaming: factory information set.

The Lamborghini Murciélago is also the first to finish the handling course

The Audi R8 (the Audi R8 in the individual test) with its V10 cylinder doesn't want more either to reach. 316 are set when the red mid-engine athlete roars and disappears into the moonlit night. The flat Bavarian sweeps lightly over the beats of the route. For 314 km /h it is enough at 28 degrees, 316 it is three degrees less. Class goal achieved. Scrub flies off the window and over to the handling course. But there the wing stars storm ahead. With its terrific handling, the Porsche 911 GT3 puts the 235 hp more powerful Murciélago seven tenths on the tailpipe. Three seconds later, the somewhat nervous R8 and the surprisingly agile SLR sweep through the finish line. Another four seconds later the flag also falls for the difficult to control Ford GT. Two seconds later: Now the Aston Martin cannot be fooled by the American competitor. 1.4 seconds ahead of the CTS-V. The Bentley keeps out of the scramble and sprints majestically, but by no means slowly, at the end of the field.

And one has to watch sadly: the Nissan GT-R, whose engine quit its service after a 314 km /h full throttle lap.


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