Morgan Super 3: The tricycle may live on

Production of the Morgan 3 Wheeler ended at the end of 2021. But that doesn't mean the end for the bizarre vehicle from the island. With the Super 3, the British bring a modernized new edition, which is also committed to the pure driving experience.

When the Edition P101 was announced, which marks the end of production of the current Morgan 3 Wheeler, the British had announced that the tricycle would be allowed to live on in a new form. Now it is also clear in what form - as the Morgan Super 3. Although it breaks with many traditions of the 113-year 3-wheeler history, it remains absolutely true to its basic concept of "driving fun".

Monocoque made of aluminum and three-cylinder from Ford

The basis for the three-wheeled vehicle now called Super 3 is a bonded aluminum monocoque, which is technologically based on the CX aluminum platform, which is now also used in the Plus Four and Plus Six models carries. The outer surfaces of the Super 3 are integrated directly into the monocoque. They are shaped using a vacuum process. A cast aluminum element, which is also visible under the radiator grille, serves as the central docking station for all units and the front axle. The new chassis increases stability and creates additional space for passengers. In addition, the Super 3 should also cut a significantly better figure than before in crash tests.

Something downright revolutionary is also happening with the drive. Gone are the days of V-engines standing freely in the wind. The Super 3 uses a free-breathing 1.5-liter three-cylinder from Ford, which works together with a manual five-speed gearbox from the Mazda MX-5. It is now installed lengthways, hidden under a hood, but continues to only drive the rear wheel. The power is 118 hp, the maximum torque is specified as 150 Nm. The Super 3, weighing 635 kilograms when dry, is supposed to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in seven seconds. The top speed is 209 km/h.,

At the front, the 3.58 meter long, 1.84 meter wide and 1.13 meter high Super 3 continues to rely on two narrow, but now 20-inch wheels. The all-season tires were specially developed for the Super 3 together with Avon. They are mounted on aluminum rims in disc design. The British have not yet given any information on the rear wheel, which is installed at a distance of 2,533 millimeters from the front axle.

Modern look, classic line

The front wheel suspension and the steering technology remain visible. The round halogen headlights – LEDs are only available at extra cost – are again located between the narrow front wheels and the hood. Optionally, two additional lights are mounted in front of the nose. The three-cylinder carries its exhaust gases along the inside of the more cigar-shaped body with two seats to the rear. The radiators for the three-cylinder sit on the left and right behind the front axle, clad on the sides with lavishly dimensioned blades.All sorts of accessories can be attached to them using an adapter. There are pockets for additional luggage. Tension cords fix other souvenirs. There is additional space for luggage at the rear, which can be optionally equipped with carrier systems. The only wind protection in the doorless Super 3 are two small windshields in front of the passengers. Visible safety features are roll bars behind the passengers.

Digital and waterproof cockpit

In the cockpit, Morgan tries to combine the traditional look with modern technology. The instruments - speedometer and tachometer - sit further in the middle of the dashboard, but now display fully digital. They are embedded in a cast aluminum element that is also part of the vehicle structure. The display for turn-to-turn navigation is in front of the steering wheel. USB charging sockets supply mobile end devices. A steering column that can be adjusted in length and inclination as well as adjustable pedals ensure that the driver has the optimum seating position. The seats, on the other hand, are fixed. As already known from the outside luggage storage, there is also an adapter system in the interior that accommodates different modules such as bottle or mobile phone holders at different points. Tension cords replace the classic door compartment on the door panels. And because the Super 3 is a radically open car, all components in the cockpit are dustproof and protected against splash water according to the IP64 standard. Morgan uses either vinyl or water-repellent leather for the seat covers. And so that the passengers can also defy wind and weather, Morgan has also developed a spray deck and a clothing line made of waxed cotton for the Super 3.

In Great Britain, the Morgan Super 3 is now available at prices starting at around 42,000 euros plus taxes. Prices for other markets have not yet been announced. The Super 3 can be customized in countless color and design combinations inside and out. Things like airbags, modern driving or assistance systems or a soft top cannot be bought.


Morgan lets his 3 wheeler live on as a Super 3. The basic concept is retained in the new edition. The style-defining V2 has to give way to a non-visible Ford 3-cylinder. However, together with the new rigid aluminum chassis, it promises driving dynamics at an unprecedented level. The price for the bizarre tricycle remains at the well-known high level.


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