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Mopar 1000 hp V8 engine: Comeback for the Dodge Charger

Mopar Hellephant V8 engine sold out
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D as with hell you can do it very well at Mopar , the tuning company of the FCA group. First the Hellcat (Hellcat) -V8, which is now causing earthquakes in numerous Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep models. And now the hellish elephant called 'Hellephant'. A V8 engine based on the Hellcat, drilled out to seven liters and gifted with an adventurous performance of 1,000 hp. He also has torque. 1,290 Newton meters, to be precise.

1,000 PS in the Dodge Super Charger

The name Hellephant alludes to an engine legend: the 'Elephant' christened Big Block the year 1964. And to get this curve, Mopar had rolled the right case for the Hellephant onto the show stage in Las Vegas, a completely new Dodge Super Charger from 1968. The Super Charger concept car is with the T-6060 gearbox from the current Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat equipped, the bonnet made of GRP with a powerful air scoop. The door handles have been disposed of for a cleaner look, the front vent windows have been removed and the wheelbase has been extended from 2,972 to 3,023 millimeters. Fun fact: Instead of the standard tailpipes, the 5-inch bags from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio work in the Charger. And to make the drama perfect, the four tailpipes are integrated into the taillights, which has never been seen before.

Even more exciting for US car fans: It won't stay with the show car . Because Mopar will sell Hellfanten as a so-called 'crate engine'. These customer engines, literally 'engine out of the box', are good business for automakers in the US. For their own projects, as a tuning measure or for repairs, customers can purchase complete, operational engines with all the necessary components - at prices that will bring tears to the eyes of a German car freak. A standard small block V8 can be had for less than $ 3,000.

Full pipe: Starting in 2019, customers can use the 1,000 hp Buy a package for your own projects

Hellephant-V8 sold out in 48 hours

However, the Hellephant is just as cheap Not. Mopar calls up a whopping $ 29,995 plus tax as the base price. The machine comes complete with the supercharger, injection system, water pump, flywheel and ignition system. There is also an installation kit with engine control, all necessary cables and sensors, the CAN bus interface and an electronically controlled accelerator pedal. Mopar can also supply other components required for conversions such as steering gears or alternators to match the Hellephant. A corresponding installation kit costs $ 2,265. By the way: In the USA, too, the possibilities are not as unlimited as some might think. The Hellephant engine is only allowed to be legally on the road with classic cars that were built before 1976, otherwise there is no road approval. The start of ordering for the Hellephant was deliberately made on April 26th. The date according to US spelling (4/26) stands exactly for the cubic inch of the classic Hemi-V8. But just 48 hours later, the order books were closed again. All engines available in this batch were sold out. FCA doesn't give any numbers. But insiders speak of 100 units, FCA confirmed over 1,000 interested parties. A second Hellephant edition for 2020 is conceivable but not confirmed.


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