Mitsuoka Rock Star: This Corvette clone was an MX-5

Mitsuoka Rock Star
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W arum So don't both worlds merge? The Japanese car body cutter Mitsuoka, known for his self-confident designs, thought that too.

Rock star with C2 design

The rock star from Mitsuoka is clearly recognizable as an MX5 inside.

At the end of the 50th anniversary In 2018, however, they launched a much less expressive model with the reserved name: 'Rock Star'. Not for the first time at Mitsuoka, under the body is a Mazda MX-5, or more precisely the latest version 'ND'. The Japanese have adapted the design of the C2 for the transformation. The front gets chrome-plated bumper strips, instead of the sleeping eyes, circular, barely noticeable mini-headlights are installed.

The bonnet is swept open, the fenders are strongly flared. In the side view, which reveals the MX-5, Mitusoka highlights the sills in color and installed chrome-plated air outlets behind the front wheel arches. The rear also eagerly quotes the US muscle car. The trunk lid has been lengthened, the fenders rise directly behind the convertible top. If the MX-5 ND measures 3,915 mm in length, 1,735 mm in width and 1,236 mm in height, the Rock Star is 4,345 mm long, 1,770 mm wide and 1,235 mm high. The wheelbase remains the same at 2,310 mm.

The 132 hp 1.5-liter Skyactiv petrol engine, which drives the rear wheels, works under the hood. Like the engine, the interior of the Rock Star remains untouched.

Mitsuoka set the price for the 4,688,200 yen, which is the equivalent of around 37,300 euros. Unfortunately, those who run to the bank now have had bad luck. The 200 anniversary rock stars have unfortunately been sold out since February 2019. By the way: With the Mitsuoka Himiko there is an MX-5 alternative in Jaguar design.


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