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Mini Roadster in the driving report: trunk instead of back seat

Karl-Heinz Augustin
Mini Roadster in the driving report
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The fresh air pleasure of the Mini Cabrio paired with the two-seater bodyshell of the Coupé: Despite conventional engines, the Mini R oadster a real hybrid model.

The waiver of the back seat gives the Mini Roadster, family member number six, a fully-fledged i gen trunk with a volume of 240 liters, which can also swallow longer items thanks to its large through-loading.

In the best roadster tradition, the roof of the Mini Roadster can be opened and closed by hand, which only works from the driver's seat with well-developed shoulder and upper arm muscles. The uncovered hood frame, which can be admired at a glance, is just as puristic. But although the roof can be opened more effortlessly from the outside, Mini offers a semi-automatic actuation for an extra charge of 790 euros.

Mini Roadster Cooper S wonderfully light-footed

Additional struts behind the seats provide also for a stiff body, so that the Mini with its elaborate multi-link suspension scoots enthusiastically nimbly through tight bends even as a roadster. As a Mini Roadster Cooper S with 184 turbo hp, the 1.6-liter also pulls through wonderfully light-footed and provides acoustic entertainment with short load-change bollers.

However, comfort has never been a matter for the Mini, and also the hard-sprung mini roadster doesn't want to start with that. After all, a large part of the wind and ambient noise remains in the insulation of its convertible top.


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