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Milltek-Nissan GT-R in the driving report: Sex on wheels with almost 1,000 hp

Rossen Gargolov
Milltek-Nissan GT-R in the driving report
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Z iiissssch, wrroooooaaam, zisch, wroaaaaaaaaaam , hiss, wroooooaaaaaamm - so now: end times mood. So this is what the end sounds like, the Mayan prophecy occurs. The sky darkens over the Motodrom and the ant curve - the end of the world in Hockenheim. The trigger for the apocalypse is bright green, blow-off hissing with 963 hp and is called Milltek-Nissan GT-R.

Die Power was almost doubled

While the tuned Godzilla from Great Britain resembles a being from another galaxy in sound and appearance, its inventors report with earthly serenity why life actually only comes with just under 1,000 hp and a maximum of 1,000 Newton meters Torque starts right. Just a reminder: Even the production models, with 486, 530 or currently 550 hp depending on the model year, jump off the spot with the serenity of a roller coaster.

550 hp are like cold coffee for Phil Millington and Richard Marshall. Phil founded the exhaust forge Milltek 29 years ago and acts as the team boss of the Milltek-Nissan GT-R team, which brings the PS beast to Time Attack events in Great Britain or to sport auto-Tuner Grand Prix 2012 accompanied. Richard is the best buddy and driver of the Nissan GT-R in one person.

With bioethanol there is all the power

'We found a petrol station with an E85 two miles from the hotel,' says Phil with a smile. Thanks guys, we were worried it would only go tough with Super Plus and 862 PS. Thanks to bioethanol, there is a maximum thrust of 963 hp.

Open the carbon fiber bonnet and first enjoy the sight: Drool, sore, delicious - in front of us is a Filet Mignon of the engine tuning. Even the Japanese skyline fan base would probably sink to their knees in front of the tuned V6 biturbo. The engine conversion is as British as baked beans.

At least the makers of Severnvalley Motorsport come from near Donington. The R35 specialists took over the engine operating room for Milltek. In addition to reworking the crankcase and cylinder head, the V6 was equipped with larger turbos, special pistons and connecting rods from Cosworth, Tomei camshafts, ID2000cc injectors and new onesFuel pumps (Walbro 400 LPH) made fit.

Get into the Tillett carbon bucket seat, lash six-point belts, attack! 'Get started with 1.4 bar,' Richard had advised the guest pilot beforehand. The reinforced clutch snaps poisonously like in a racing car. Even in the production model, the drive train makes mechanical music. Nothing against the Milltek-Nissan GT-R: rattling, grinding, whirring - regardless of whether at 2,500 or 7,000 rpm everything here sounds like Le Mans and Nürburgring. Thanks to the Milltek exhaust system with a larger pipe diameter (90 instead of 76.2 mm), which ends in four furnace pipe-thick 127 tailpipes, the racing orchestra thunders with a dark bass or whistles the symphony of the destruction of excess charge air Even power development of the Nissan GT-R series model gives way to a noticeable turbo lag in the Milltek. While earlier turbo monsters had mechanical steam wheels to adjust the boost pressure, the driver in the Milltek controls the boost pressure at the push of a button. In the Nissan GT-R, where the switch for the cruise control sits off the bar on the steering wheel, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 or 2.2 bar boost pressure can now be selected.

Driving experience is like sex on wheels

Off to biturbo nirvana. What is the difference between series performance and the 963 hp punch? As extreme as between mild and hot peppers - the same look, but two different worlds of spices. The Milltek-Nissan GT-R takes a deep breath and then strikes brutally. Driver Richard describes the start as 'sex on wheels', which is supposed to catapult the 1,735 kilo heavy power block over the 200 mile mark (approx. 322 km /h) in 18 seconds.

During the good-natured one Serial bombers forgive even less sensitive steering wheel artists, when they roughly step on the accelerator at the apex of the curve, the hot Nissan GT-R counters like a karate fighter with an energetic side kick. An adjustable KW coilover kit provides precise feedback and crisp steering behavior.

The Toyo R888 tires on the Milltek-Nissan GT-R are less convincing. After just five laps on the small Hockenheim circuit, the tires heat up a lot due to the heavy vehicle weight and the grip level drops noticeably. The result: pushing over the front axle when braking and understeering at corner entry.

Almost 1,000 HP fascination in the Milltek Nissan GT-R

Only a small downer - the almost 1,000 HP Fascination takes place on the straights anyway. After six laps, we pull the 900 hp plus injection needle out of our arms and park the British samurai unharmed in the pits.

Critics are wondering how long the sensitive four-wheel drive will have to endure the 1,000 Newton meter ordeal despite the greater Cooler and additional transmission and differential cooling probably survived. The next day there was a bloodcurdling crash at the sport auto-Tuner Grand Prix In 2012, after two flying laps, a sobering answer: “Gearbox damage, but we'll be back for a quick lap,” says Milltek driver Richard, while the green beast limps onto the trailer. The 900 hp plus fascination hardly diminishes the inglorious end.


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