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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the super test: the legend of the & # 34; notice board & # 34;

Rossen Gargolov
Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the super test
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That the developers around today's AMG boss Tobias Moers had a completely free hand when it came to the conception from 2007 and execution of the M ercedes SLS AMG Black Series was not only due to the fact that this was the first sports car project carried out by the Mercedes subsidiary entirely on its own.

More conclusive evidence but there are more of the 115 Rennsi ege, which brought about the rebirth of the legendary SL in the short time of its existence on the racetracks of the world. They speak for the enormous assertiveness of the technical concept in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series. The strongest indications for the remarkable policy of the free hand, however, are literally hidden in the detail.

Especially with the latest SLS version, which, according to its creator, is an original link between the SLS AMG road sports car and the SLS AMG GT3 racing version represents: The Black Series variant, the name of which is not derived from its paintwork, as one might assume in view of the pictures, but from a multitude of technically very special solutions. Those that, to a normal automotive designer who always works under enormous cost pressure, must seem like promises from automotive heaven.

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series with a lot of carbon material

Would you like an example? The Torque Tube, which is normally cast from lightweight aluminum driving minium in the SLS, i.e. the barely 28 kilo, 1.64 meter long, tube-like connection between the V8 engine at the front, or better: behind the front axle, and the dual clutch transmission in front of the rear axle, counteracts one Identical in shape and dimensions, but made of significantly lighter (and much more expensive) carbon material can only mean two things: Money plays with the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series does not matter, and /or the end justifies all means.

The one weighing just over 13 kilograms The quantified slimming measure is therefore all the more remarkable as even technically interested Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series owners will hardly ever be able to enjoy the excellently crafted,Getting to see extremely torsion-resistant housing - this is countered by the underbody, which is almost completely closed for aerodynamic reasons. Neither does the drive shaft, which is also made of CFRP, rotating at engine speed. Despite all the extreme loads - keyword: 631 hp and 635 Newton meters of torque - it weighs just 4,700 grams.

In its beautiful structure, the CFRP materials of the Mercedes SLS are also invisible because they are painted AMG Black Series, from which the almost two meter long bonnet, the interior rear wall, the diagonal struts on the underbody and the aerodynamic wing system are made.

While the expensive material, sometimes as a bad imitation, is often only used elsewhere can create visual satisfaction because the actual purpose - weight reduction - has been criminally neglected in other places, AMG uses the example of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series to execute the same professionalism that is common practice in international automobile racing - tellingly, under the title AMG Lightweight Performance .

The SLS Black Series is a road legal racing vehicle

Start numbers and sponsor stickers would actually be an honest confirmation of what the black SLS basically represents with its aluminum structure: a racing vehicle with road approval.

That it has little to offer in terms of long travel activities (up to on a suitably large trunk) and on the other hand, because of its sheer size, looks quite out of place even in city traffic - although the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series thanks to its gullwing doors also fits into narrow parking spaces - is not surprising in view of this pointed character.

Even when pulling out of a parking space with a cold engine, he makes it clear through stubborn tire rubbing - caused by the steering angle at the front and the locking effect of the differential at the rear - that the banal demands of everyday life do not really fit into his traditional repertoire.

Shortened gear ratio in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

They also move in further driving operation otherwise usual priorities in the background. Despite the multitude of its gear steps - seven in number - the driver in manual shift mode constantly catches himself pressing the right rocker switch, only to have to find out once again that the last and highest gear has long been engaged. Even in automatic mode, if the gas supply is cautious in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, the seventh gear is engaged in a jiffy after a very short distance.

The reason for this technical feature is the shortened overall ratio, which ostensibly means that the The top speed of the AMG Coupé has now 'already' been reached at 315 km /h.

Hand on heart: The slightly worse oneEnergy balance, the higher noise level and the Vmax reduced by a few km /h are readily accepted if on the other hand there is an engine and transmission characteristic that can otherwise only be experienced in racing.

The two-man crew, immovably embedded in the extremely comfortable racing seats, rushes towards their goal, pretty speechless due to the enormous pressure and the dominant engine sound. As energetic and entertaining as the conquering of the horizon in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series model, you can actually think of nothing. The heart-rending rumble, roar and rumble of the exhaust gases of the 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, which is disposed of by a 17 kilogram titanium exhaust system, is hard to beat in terms of martial dominance.

The spontaneous reactions of the engine, even on tiny little ones Throttle commands and the speed of reaction of the dual clutch transmission always encourage the driver in the belief that they no longer have to fear anything or anyone - at most their own cockiness or excessive demands, depending on the situation.

Perfect for Hockenheim, demanding on the Nordschleife

On flat stretches like the Small Circuit in Hockenheim, the rear-wheel drive car, with its perfectly balanced wheel loads and great traction, is in top form without starting up.

The steering is almost angular, so the steering is specially configured from the central position. Depending on the curve radius and /or the use of gas, at the operating temperature of the sports tire there is sometimes a slight understeer, then again a slight oversteer. But everything remains within the framework of a pleasant, because calculable drivability of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series.

It looks a little different on the up-and-down track of the Nordschleife, where the relationship of trust between man and machine is special is clouded by the previously highly praised, sharp turning behavior.

The reasons for this are on the one hand the special topography of the track with its rapidly changing altitude differences and on the other hand the setup of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series. Short spring travel, a tight damper characteristic and - on top - the not insignificant aerodynamic downforce, in combination with the sensitive steering, make it difficult to follow the ideal line calmly and calmly. That costs nerves - and valuable time.

Naturally, both resources are only available to a limited extent on the Nürburgring. For this reason alone, it can be assumed that the last word has not yet been said when it comes to lap times.

Typical top athletes. Want to have an extra sausage for everything, in other words: a special setup for each route profile. Which once again proves that top performance doesn't just go to a top athlete - even a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series sometimes has to work hard to achieve this.


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