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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the driving report: Supersport exhausted

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the driving report
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A bit of arm muscle training beforehand: lift the transaxle shaft housing. With the component of the M ercedes SLS AMG rather difficult, not at all with the Black Series variant. It is made of carbon and weighs only half at 13.3 kilograms. Both are unwieldy, so let's go to the exciting part of the workout behind the wheel.

The Mercedes should weigh around 70 kilograms SLS AMG Black Series lost overall and gained 30 hp at the same time. So now 631 hp meet 1.5 tons - and that's just about to hit the first right-hand bend at Circuit Paul Ricard. The dual clutch transmission, which is ten millimeters lower, fires a salvo down to the second, firing a throttle in between. The engineers shortened reaction and shift times so drastically that the transmission is unrecognizable.

The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series has been sharpened everywhere

The gullwing behaves just as sharply when turning; almost as if he could guess the route. As the? In the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series takes over Coilover suspension guides the wheels, which has stiffer elastokinematics, wider track and - look here - new wheel carriers and stabilizers on the front axle. Even more speed Does that sound like humorless hardship? Not at all, because the spring and damper rates allow nasty curb robberies without completely losing traction.

But now the V8 vacuum cleaner can let off steam again on the back straight, cheering throatily trumpeting over them 7,200 revolutions at which the base engine gives up - and the asphalt ripples behind the four powerful tailpipes. Only at 8,000 rpm does the 6.2-liter drum in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series call for the next gear. The new design costs 15 Newton meters of torque, but there are still 635 Nm. Brief braking for the quick right bend - thanks to a defined pressure point and stress-resistant ceramic composite brake discs possible with almost millimeter precision - and the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series pastes at a disturbing speedand the rear slightly pushing outwards along the ideal line.

The precise power steering with modified characteristic and the racing bucket seats make work easier. Good thing, because otherwise the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series driver would probably have to pry the transaxle shaft housing a few more times.


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