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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the driving report: A real stunner

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the driving report
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Cheers on the long Mistral straight of the Circuit Paul Ricard. The 6.2 liter V8 of the M ercedes SLS AMG Black Series makes the most of its newfound freedom. Thanks to its developers, the now 631 hp naturally aspirated engine is allowed to rave up to 8,000 revolutions, screams hoarse, trumpeted trumpets from the four tailpipes that the asphalt ripples in the run-off zones. In the original product, the limiter puts an end to the hustle and bustle at 7,200 tours.

Briefly on the cool steering wheel paddle of the Mercedes SLS pluck the AMG Black Series, and at the same time the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission charges through. Wait a minute - that gearbox that has so far been boring in the gullwing with a rather sluggish response? Exactly this. Compared to the evolution stage used in the SLS GT, the shift times have been reduced by a further 10 percent. And in the GT they are already halved than in the base. Much more decisive, however, are the faster reaction times to the driver's shift commands.

The chassis has a calming effect, the price does not

So now fire free! And reload again, the big mouth of the radiator - now flanked by flaps made of carbon - begins to suck in the fast Signes right bend. Brake or not? So far, the grip of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series is very promising, after all, the rear wing (also made of carbon), which can be adjusted in two stages, should generate around 50 kilos of downforce at 200 km /h. And Michelin is baking its own Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires for the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series in the format 275 /35-19 at the front and 325 /30-20 at the rear, which should now be at least almost at temperature.

In addition The engineers modified the chassis, which is based on triangular wishbones all around, with elastokinematics that are 50 (VA) and 42 (HA) percent more rigid, new wheel carriers and stabilizers, a larger track width (20 mm at the front, 24 mm at the rear) and spring plates with a threaded portion. Nevertheless, the set-up allows so much movement that the curbs volley could be taken at the exit of the Pinède without the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Seriessteps off the track uncontrollably.

So what now - brake or not? Even before an answer is consciously found, the subconscious has already decided to take a short, but not shy, step on the brake pedal. Immediately hit the gas again, step up, and the rear of the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series begins to flirt with the outside edge of the curve. Gentle, which is why panic attacks can be saved for other occasions. For example when looking at the price list, because there is something of 249,900 euros, gross, after all.

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series lacks the nimble footing

Turning into Beausset and Bendor. The Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series amazes with firm grip on the front axle, which it does not give up over several laps. The opening in the carbon hood is supposed to contribute to this, through which exhaust air flows out and creates a negative pressure.

But the V8 is already going up the speed ladder again. A redesigned belt drive including all ancillary units and pulleys, a revised valve train with modified camshafts, adapted cam geometry, optimized bucket tappets and optimized software help the machine to turn more freely and perform, but cost 15 Nm of torque. Okay, there are still 653 Nm left at 5,500 rpm (basis: 4,750 rpm). At the end of the long hood the Virage du Lac is already flickering, the Mercedes immediately implements the corresponding steering command and provides precise feedback.

Regardless of the sharpened characteristic curve, the so-called speed-sensitive steering in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series does not react hyperactive - for example when the driver exhales with difficulty.

To avoid misunderstandings: Even Siegfried and Roy do not conjure up a light-footed, sinewy curve robber in the SLS, despite the DIN standard (i.e. without a driver) at 1,550 kilos specified weight. Even as the Black Series, the SLS remains a fairly spacious coupé, which can now be chased around a circuit as spectacularly as the look promises.

And because the possessive bucket seats in the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series - Due to the wing doors - do not simplify the rather cumbersome entry procedure anyway: stay seated, drop your right foot - and just do a few more laps.


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