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Mercedes C63 AMG and Corvette Z06 in the test: V8 fighters in a duel

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mercedes C63 AMG and Corvette Z06 in the test
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K do you call that? Mercedes C-Class and Corvette meet at ball height. No joke, even if it looks like VfB Stuttgart is going into the field against the Detroit Lions. The prime example of the rock-solid sedan actually challenges the almost anarchic US athlete.

And is so well developed that it even takes a Corvette Z06 to get into the ring with the right sparring partner. Wild 512 US horses are necessary to be able to compete accordingly.

Mercedes C 63 AMG rolls up with 517 hp

Because under the C-Class hood Its two exhaust chimneys not only slumber a huge 517 hp, the logo on the rear even certifies it as a Black Series - the Affalterbach award for the maximum of what is possible. The top version apparently only has the basic layout in common with a conventional Mercedes C-Coupé, otherwise - in a positive sense - it gets completely out of hand.

The fenders on each side grow in 28 millimeters at the front and 42 millimeters at the rear the width to make room for a stockier track and forged 19-inch wheels with Dunlop tires designed for the highest possible dry grip. They are part of the optional track package for 5,891 euros. The aerodynamics package costs another 7,973 euros - according to the motto: if already, then yes. Then the huge radiator nostrils of the front apron are flanked by so-called spoiler flics and underlined by a front splitter. As an aerodynamic counterpart to the massive, adjustable rear wing of the Mercedes C 63 AMG.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 offers very soft seats

There are no compromises in the Mercedes C 63 AMG. High flanks, fixed backrests - two Recaro shells that are only adjustable in length are sufficient to generate optimal support and astonishing comfort over long journeys. With a dull outcry, the 6.2-liter V8 comes into play, leaving the extremely stiff-looking body inTremble when idling.

The journey is the goal. First through the city, where the seven-speed automatic in drive program C combines all the speed levels. Continue on the country road, where the rotary switch on the center console clicks S, the shift times become shorter and the strategy sportier.

With the C 63 AMG, curves are more relaxed

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 bubbles effortlessly afterwards. Criticizes short transverse joints much harsher because the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, which are also specialized for dryness, even have run-flat properties and hardly make any effort to dampen. They don't care much about a passable directional stability with ruts, but convert even the smallest movement of the light steering into a hook.

With the C 63 AMG Black Series it curves more relaxed through the Black Forest, if only because his direct steering finds the ideal line between serenity and precision. The tight coordination of the coilover kit does not give the roughest stick, but boasts of a coherent spring and damper work. While the frivolous beats of the V8 echo into the carbon-decorated interior and the imaginary red warning lamp burns latently: Attention, StVO!

The Corvette is still rumbling along with a hoarse gasp, rolling its deeply florid sound carpet across the board behind the pitch-black rear . Dull V8 bass for the people, less for the driver. This is touched by the chassis, which is jerky in sport mode, underdamped on tour and thus shows it slightly spongy at higher speeds.

Speed 200 is not a big deal

New scene: Black Forest Airport in Lahr. 2.4 kilometers dead straight, board level measurement line. Despite its excellent way of working, the five-stage traction control has a break. The right foot adjusts around 3,000 revolutions, the left foot lets the clutch snap. The four-valve engine bites its way furiously through its speed range, and even increases it from 5000. However, full concentration on the manual switching operations, because the alleys are twisted close together. 100, 200? No big deal. From zero to 260 km /h in 25.2 seconds. And that despite the relatively long fifth gear, not to mention the very long sixth.

The Mercedes C 63 AMG is served in seven tranches - automated, perfected. Level RS means Race Start. Whether selected via the rotary control or via AMG Performance Media on the Comand system screen, the result is identical: the pilot becomes a passenger. A Black Series accelerates itself best, regulates the starting speed and grip, fires the next gear within 100 milliseconds and cuts off speed 260 after 27.9 seconds.

Corvette Z06 with the better brakes

And the negative acceleration? Par excellence, with a perfect pressure pointas well as a fade-free bite. Even if the enormous delay of the carbon-ceramic brake included in the performance package of the Corvette Z06 combs your hairstyle forwards - the Corvette now tops the list of auto motor und sport .

In terms of driving dynamics, the Corvette, which weighs 1,481 kg, is a hit anyway. It dances jaggedly and neutrally around the pylons, but pushes in the bypass lane with its rear. The exercises are literally more difficult for the Black Series. His 1,754 kg push himself through the slalom with more sluggishness and understeer, in the superbly completed wedge test he is back to the music and also more manageable.> In the end, the price costs victory

The point of the story? It follows on the small course in Hockenheim, where the Corvette, which has been upgraded with components from the more powerful ZR1, feels as at home as Old Blue Eyes does in the piano bar. 'I did it my way' the Ami-V8 crashes into the Motodrom, which translates as: direct, precise, reliable and damn fast.

In contrast, the Mercedes C 63 AMG Black Series then has to stretch its rear wing. At least objectively, because subjectively, with its convincing driving dynamics and the impressive overall package, it offers a level of fun as high as its price.


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