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Mercedes-AMG GT Facelift (2019): Debut at the LA Auto Show

Daimler AG
Mercedes-AMG GT Facelift (2019)
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S since 2015 is the Mercedes-AMG GT on the market. Since then, there have only been minor retouching, namely in 2017 for the 50th anniversary of AMG. Now the major facelift is due, which brings some changes to the exterior design of both the coupé and the roadster. It is noticeable that the two is now looking for visual proximity to the AMG GT four-door. This becomes clear in the light signature: the arch, which functions as both daytime running and position lights and indicators, is very similar to that of its bigger brother. A new reflector system in the headlights should illuminate the road better. The LED rear lights are also new.

Design and infotainment elements from the four-door

Which brings us to the rear. The rear apron of the model variants GT, GT S and GT C have a new diffuser insert. The tailpipe trims are now shaped like the four-door model: the basic GT has two round double tailpipes, while the GT S and GT C are trapezoidal. The GT R gets two more tailpipes: The well-known, square-shaped and centrally positioned tailpipe is now joined by two more, which are located on the right and left in the diffuser. AMG GT and GT S received Black-grained sill panels in the lower area and, on request, new light alloy wheels with Y-spokes. For these two variants and the GT C there are also new optional forged wheels with ten double spokes.

The four-door model also sends its regards in the cockpit, with its telematics architecture also being incorporated into the two-door model. Behind the steering wheel sits a digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster that offers three different views: classic, sporty and super sporty. The latter provides some additional racing information, for example a shift light. A 10.25-inch screen is enthroned above the center console, visualizing the driver assistance, vehicle and communication systems.

New display buttons, new steering wheel

Daimler AG
Steering wheel, displays, buttons on the center console: almost all the new features are familiar from the AMG GT four-door.

They are also moving out the four-door model is known for its colored display buttons with TFT technology and the center console. You control the transmission logic, exhaust system and start-stop function as well as the chassis, ESP and the rear spoiler at the touch of a finger. The drive programs and volume control continue to be operated using a rocker switch. In addition, the two-door model now also has the valance with a strongly contoured rim that is flattened at the bottom, which is called the performance steering wheel in AMG parlance. The integrated touch control buttons are now familiar from many models in the Daimler universe, the steering wheel buttons below the spokes - of course - from the four-door. The right one is designed as a display, which is enclosed by a rotary control, and controls the driving programs. The two left can be freely assigned.

On the technical changes: As part of the GT facelift, AMG is expanding the drive programs to include the integrated driving dynamics control called AMG Dynamics. It regulates the force distribution on the rear axle and also affects the steering characteristics. This should not only improve lateral acceleration, traction and load change reactions, but also foresee what the driver is doing. The system interprets the sensor data with regard to speed, steering angle and yaw rate, reacts to this before the driver does and virtually pre-tensioning the car. Allegedly so subtle that the driver perceives the intervention not as a disruption, but as an aid. AMG installed the system in four versions: Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master.

GT R Pro as a new high-performance variant

On the engine side, nothing changes, by the way, that the four-liter biturbo V8 delivers same technical data as before. For the basic AMG GT this means: 476 hp and a maximum of 630 Newton meters, four seconds from zero to one hundred and 304 km /h top speed (Roadster: 302 km /h). The GT S is still at 522 hp and 670 Nm, completes the standard sprint in 3.8 seconds and is a maximum of 310 or 308 km /h. The GTC's values: 557 hp, 680 Nm, 3.7 seconds from zero to one hundred and a top speed of 317 or 316 km /h. The GT R, which is only available as a coupé, continues to deliver 585 hp and 700 Nm, accelerates from zero to one hundred in 3.6 seconds and runs at a maximum of 318 km /h.

So that the whole thing does not seem like a technical standstill AMG is launching a new high-performance variant of its coupé. The new Pro, limited to 750 copies worldwide, is based on the GTR and also debuts at the LA auto show. It sharpens the racetrack focus of the sports car by adopting components from the racing cars homologated according to the GT3 and GT4 regulations.

7.04.621 minutes on the Nürburgring

One example is the wheel suspensions. While the normal GT R only has uniball spherical bearings on the lower wishbones of the rear axle, the Pro also has them on the upper wishbones. As a result, the track and camber should remain constant even under high loads. An adjustable torsion bar anti-roll bar made of carbon is used at the front, while the rear counterpart is made of steel. On the coilover kit, not only the spring base, but also the rebound and compression stages of the dampers can be adjusted. The latter can even be made separately for slow and fast compression movements.

Daimler AG
As part of the facelift, the GT R Pro, a fifth variant of the AMG Coupé, is coming onto the market .

The electronically controlled, dynamic engine and transmission mounts have been given a new set-up, the carbon thrust panel in the rear underbody stiffens the body. All of these measures culminate in a racetrack performance that is said to be superior to that of the normal GT R. As evidence, AMG leads the Nordschleife lap of 7.04.621 minutes set up by works driver Maro Engel at the beginning of November. The normal GT R achieved a 7.10.9 in the sports car supertest.

The track pack including roll cage is standard

If you don't buy the car in North America or China (there is After all, bucket seats in carbon fiber, a carbon strut in the trunk and decorative elements), gets the Track Pack as standard. This includes a rollover protection system with a screwed tubular steel cage, enclosed four-point seat belts for the driver and front passenger and a two-kilogram fire extinguisher. The ceramic composite brake, which sits behind forged wheels in a five-twin-spoke design, is also on board at no extra charge.

Of course, the GT R Pro also receives the optical model maintenance measures, but extends them to the front apron with carbon fiber on the side -Flics. At the top of the front fenders are air outlets that support theBleed the wheel arches. On the side of the rear bumper there are aerodynamic elements, the fixed rear wing has a Gurney lip and milled aluminum brackets. The carbon roof, which is lowered in the middle, is standard, the racing stripe foiling can be canceled.

The lifted AMG GT will be approved for sale in spring 2019. The prices have not yet been determined.


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