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Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupé (2018): engines, price, information

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door Coupé (2018)
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AMG GT hides a sports car with a front mid-engine and a transaxle principle. But puff cake. Although the styling preserves this appearance, the proportions already reveal that there is something else underneath. Namely? The E-Class. Bingo! Fraudulent labeling? Yes, but that doesn't stop the 4-door from being a fascinating car. And one that knows how to differentiate itself.

GT 63 S currently the most powerful AMG

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4Matic + 4-door has a 27th position compared to the corresponding E-Class HP and 50 Nm, which degenerates to 100 in a sprint value of 3.2 seconds and promotes it to the currently most powerful AMG model. The body structure has been stiffened many times, the track and tires are wider, the rear axle steers with (or against), the chassis and power distribution are noticeably more aggressively tuned, the rear spoiler works actively. Genetics cannot deny all of this, but it changes them seriously. And in his favor.

Dirk Weyhenmeyer, Andreas Lindlahr (Mercedes)
The sprints in 3.2 seconds Top version from zero to 100 km /h.

The four-liter twin-turbo V8 really gets going, turns bitingly, pushes hard. The nine-speed machine acts unobtrusively, but snappy. Brand folklore thunderstorms oozes from the exhaust system. So far, so well known. Crucial difference: Behind every steering movement there is more pull, everything seems that bit more energetic. The damping responds sensitively, but lets the wheels snap into the lane in a very defined manner.

In the rear, you sit with your head raised 1.85 m, but without the feeling of spaciousness. The better place remains in the cockpit, which mixes peculiarities of the original GT, such as the gear selector lever located far back, with fresh features. Among them: two control satellites on the steering wheel - one for exhaust door, gearshift mode and ESP, the other for the five driving programs.

In race mode, the GT buttons up the Circuit of the Americas. And how! Despite 2.1 tons of curb weight, it dives into fast corners and skilfully winds around narrow ones. With understeer you only get to do it after major blunders, oversteer, however, can always be called up. Gently, sprawling - whatever you choose. Is it enough to pester the Panamera? Definitely!

Mercedes at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018 , 0-liter V8 biturbo has meanwhile advanced to become the all-purpose weapon of the Affalterbach family. In the driven coupé it generates a whopping 639 hp and 900 Nm (Mercedes-AMG GT S 4-Matic +) and accelerates the four-door to 315 km /h. Without the 'S', the eighth-ender has 585 hp and 800 Nm. That's still enough for 310 km /h V-Max. The two V8s in the GT 53 are joined by the 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder with 435 hp, 48-volt electrical system and 22 extra hp thanks to EQ Boost. The GT 43 4Matic + with that R6 engine in its 367-plus-22 HP power level rounds off the range at the bottom.

What do the individual models cost? GT 43: from 95,260 euros. GT 53: from 109,183 euros. GT 63: from 150,119 euros. GT 63 S: from 167,017 euros. Sales of the V8 versions beginfrom October on. The six-cylinder start date is January 2019. The models can already be ordered.

All three engines are coupled with the AMG Speedshift nine-speed automatic and have all-wheel drive, with the 4-Matic + system fading from the rear - to four-wheel drive and vice versa continuously controls. Depending on the engine, there are up to six drive programs to choose from in the four-door AMG GT: “Smoothness”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport +”, “Race” and “Individual”. They can be selected using a rocker switch in the center console. Regardless of the driving programs, the driver can still select the manual transmission mode, the preferred suspension level or the exhaust system directly.

The 'Drift Mode' allows the V8 model in the S version to let off steam as a pure rear-wheel drive car.

When braking at high speed, the vehicle remains more stable, and the limited-slip differential improves traction when accelerating from a standstill. Speaking of brakes: the eight-cylinder -Models have a brake system made of composite discs with 6-piston fixed calipers at the front and 1-piston floating calipers at the back th. The S version is adorned with yellow brake calipers, while the basic version of the eight-cylinder has red brake calipers.

The six-cylinder model also has internally ventilated and perforated composite brake discs painted in silver-grayBrake calipers fitted. A high-performance ceramic brake system with bronze-colored 6-piston fixed calipers at the front and 1-piston floating calipers at the rear is optionally available.

The driver can customize the widescreen cockpit and optimize it for use on the racetrack.

For the interior, AMG is of course again based on the Mercedes CLS, but has given its GT a steering wheel with a flattened bottom and the V8 models the widescreen cockpit with two 12.3-inch displays. In the R6 these are available for an extra charge, otherwise the driver has to be content with classic round instruments.

Three different styles can be digitally displayed on the displays: 'Classic', 'Sport' and 'Supersport'choose. There is the option of displaying preferred information on the left or right side of the instrument cluster: such as the classic speedometer and rev display, information on navigation or assistance systems, right up to detailed engine data.

For sporty people Drivers are interested in a G-Force display or current power and torque values. Anyone who chooses Supersport receives 'extensive AMG-specific additional information, such as a striking request borrowed from motorsport to shift up in manual transmission mode,' says AMG. The central display is the interface to all other content and information, such as navigation, radio, media, telephone and vehicle.

Performance steering wheel has additional displays

A rotary control with a display is located under the right steering wheel spoke of the new performance valance,

The performance steering wheel is brand new in the AMG GT: It has touch control buttons in the steering wheel and should be operated intuitively by swiping. This means that the entire infotainment system can be operated without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. Optionally, the valance can be equipped with round rotary controls and an integrated display below the right steering wheel spoke, as well as two vertically positioned, colored display buttons with switches below the left steering wheel spoke. The rotary controls control the AMG drive programs, the two buttons and the additional switch can be assigned individually to the driver.

Individual, that is what AMG has also taken on the cause of the seating options. The driver and front passenger seat are available in different configurations - from sporty and comfortable to sports seats with diamond quilting to the contoured performance seat with integrated headrest. In the rear, the customer can choose between an asymmetrically folding rear bench or individual seats. In the “High Class” version, the rear passengers are separated by a console with integrated touchpad screens. The luggage of the passengers is carried in the trunk with a volume of up to 435 liters, under the trunk floor there is 40 liters of additional storage space. For a few extra eurosThe tailgate can also be opened with a foot movement.

The in-house racing engineer

The on-board entertainment is handled by the Intelligent Drive functions familiar from the S-Class, including semi-automated driving in traffic jams . In addition to the standard functions of Mercedes 'Me Connect' such as eCall, accident management, breakdown assistance or customer service, Remote Online (with Comand Online as standard) via smartphone offers convenience features such as parking tracking, control of the auxiliary heating or indication of the range.

And if things should go a little faster, the AMG Track Pace helps to improve lap times as standard. With its help, the AMG GT records data such as lateral and longitudinal acceleration, gas and brake pedals or steering angle and shows them on the widescreen display if required. Even the comparison of fast and slow laps can be visualized and acoustically displayed. And if the front passenger does sweat, the 'Energizing comfort control' offers not only relaxation via massage and ambient light but also a new room fragrance that is designed for the sportiness of the brand.

Mercedes is launching an Edition 1 exclusively for the market launch.

So that the 639 PS strong Affalterbacher in the Edition 1 dress sticks even better on the road, an enlarged front splitter and integrated flics in the front apron, an even more demand-optimized diffuser and a fixed rear wing with a mechanically adjustable blade should ensure, among other things. AtWhen extended, press an additional 30 kilograms onto the rear axle at 300 km /h compared to the base vehicle. The combination of more contact pressure on the rear axle and reduced lift on the front axle optimizes the longitudinal and lateral dynamics. His sprinting ability (3.2 seconds to 100 km /h) or his top speed of 315 kilometers per hour doesn't change.


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