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McLaren 570 GT Hornesse from Wheelsandmore with 650 PS

Jordi Miranda
McLaren 570 GT Hornesse
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Tuner Wheelsandmore lays a hand on the McLaren 5 70 GT. Like all current McLaren, the top model of the MA3 series has a V8 biturbo, which produces 570 hp as standard. The torque is 600 Newton meters.

650 PS and 700 Newton meters

Wheelsandmore swaps the exhaust system for a pressure-recessed version without a silencer, plus sports cats and a software modification. The measures increase the performance to 650 hp and 700 Newton meters. The Wheelsandmore-McLaren accelerates from a standing start to 100 km /h in 3.1 seconds.

New wheels in 20 and 21 inches

The look remains close to series production: the tuner mounts its own forged wheels and a height-adjustable chassis. The wheels measure 9x20 inches on the front axle, and Continental Sport Contact 6 with 235/30 tires are mounted on them. The 21-inch wheels on the rear axle are 12 inches wide and have 295/30 tires. The color scheme and hub cap of the wheels are close to the original, so that the modification is not noticeable according to the tuner. However, Wheelsandmore goes its own way when it comes to the naming: The tuned 570 GT is nicknamed Hornesse, a case word from Horny and sophistication.


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