Mazda MX-5 Skyactiv-G 131 in the test

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Mazda MX-5 Skyactiv-G 131 tested
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W he is only Dealing superficially with the natural sciences may not pay enough attention to its elements. Like the units of measurement, for example, the bland bin. All of which are not available for tons. The “Long Ton” and the “Short Ton”, the “Annual Ton” and the “Dry Metric Ton Unit”, my goodness, the historical bins for the dimensioning of linseed, herrings and coal are ignored. Now a new ton could be defined at this point, the opportunity does not come up every day: a ton of driving fun.

Mazda MX-5 from 22,900 euros

So it rolls Mazda MX-5 on the scale, then down again and up again because the digital display is not really believed. Their anthracite-colored digits say: 1,005 kilograms. Just because. The Mazda just doesn't want to weigh more, although it does without any carbon fiber, because the MX-5 should cost as little as possible, even in the fourth generation. The price list starts at 22,990 euros, the test car treats itself to the Exclusive equipment line, the navigation system and the paintwork Arachneweiß Metallic, therefore costs 26,480 euros - around 26.35 euros per kilogram. And the MX-5 pays back every penny, actually for every meter driven. After just 26.48 kilometers, he would then be debt-free, everything else counts as interest and blows every investment advisor.

Magic? No, actually only solid automobile construction with classic ingredients interpreted in a modern way. The four-cylinder direct injection engine, for example, actually a well-behaved unit from large-scale production, can now romp up to 7,500 revolutions, although it is designed with a rather long stroke. Among other things, this is made possible by a new intake and exhaust system. The 1.5-liter engine already takes the first tap of gas as a kick in the bottom, gives a cheeky snort, and gets a little tailwind from 5,000 rpm. At around 7,000 rpm, it's time to shift into second gear. No, that's not the case, a twitch of the right hand is enough to flip through the short alleys of the six-speed gearbox, one more time, only then can the speed limit 100 be jumped. Just 8.3 seconds pass, right, exactly as much as the manufacturer promises.

Over 100 kg lighter than that direct predecessor

In general, this seems to be one of the main features of the MX-5be: to keep the promises of its designers. Okay, they say he weighs 975 kg, which is on the bare base. By the way: The predecessor came in the 1.8-liter variant on 1,121 kg. They also say that the driver can remain seated when opening and closing the convertible top. Right. A casual hand movement after unlocking is enough and the cap falls behind the seats or swings back onto the frame of the windshield. But then it gets really cozy in the Mazda, which is only 1.23 meters high.

The concept obviously provides for accommodating tall occupants as well, because the adjustment range of the seats is generous. However, the soft top scratches the head and the steering wheel remains too far away - the developers actually found the axial adjustment too difficult, which is why they did without it. From a height of around 1.80 meters, the MX-5 no longer fits so perfectly. However, the Mazda has the talent to knock its driver so mischievously in the ears that he almost forgets the ergonomic lapse. No, the Roadster does not appear as a Lotus Elise at the discount rate, but it lacks the last bit of sharpness in handling, but it builds up a bit too pronounced body roll.

Rather, the Japanese sweeps around curves with a youth-free agility that fakes wildness with the rear that is occasionally easily wiped away, but before things get really serious, there is either a lack of power - or the well-coordinated stability control straddles. In impetuous driving maneuvers with quick changes of direction, such as the 18-meter slalom, the electronics work a little too humorlessly, and probably must, because they work digitally: on or off.

Honesty in Japanese: MX-5

Intermediate levels? There is not any. Without a net and a false floor it can happen that the roadster counteracts too briskly with a wild load change, which mainly results from the soft suspension, which allows strong body movements. Dangerous? No. This is how a small sports car with rear-wheel drive behaves, which is often forgotten in view of the flood of front-wheel drive vehicles trimmed for absolute safety with smooth self-steering behavior.

This honesty grounds the experienced speed, already exaggerated the underground car park exit to the pass road. The MX-5 gets everyone with the power of its power-to-weight ratio, with every throttle that the four-cylinder answers with a stubbly, pithy sound, with every pop-pop when changing gears, with each stab of the front end of the car into the turning point. More fun for an average of 6.5 liters of Super per 100 kilometers? Unlikely. The fact that it does not allow itself any real weaknesses consolidates its position as a unique selling point that has become a roadster.

Okay, he's delayingdecent, considering the low weight, the braking distance could be a little shorter. And the fact that there are sometimes windy plastics hanging around in the cockpit - for example on the center console or on the lid of the storage compartment - must be seen as a concession to the low price. Generally the price. Behind the splendid three-spoke steering wheel, many equipment details quickly lose their importance, such as the audio system with loudspeakers in the headrests or the acceptable navigation system. Rather, the lightness of the MX-5 dominates the driving experience, the feeling of sliding a minimum of nonsense and a maximum of really indispensable technology between the pilot and the road - almost exactly a ton of it.

The special MX-5 booklet

In 1989, Mazda revived the segment of small, affordable roadsters with the spectacular MX-5. To date it has sold over 945,000 times - astonishingly many for a purely fun car. auto motor und sport has accompanied the Japanese's career from the start, subjecting him to tests and comparisons over and over again. The first generation even had to cover over 100,000 kilometers in everyday editorial work. During this time he gained a lot of fans. Because “with him, happiness is on the road. On everyone ”, as editor Sebastian Renz writes in his essay about the nature of the MX-5. That's why we're celebrating it: With the most important tests and driving reports as well as the most beautiful reports and impressions from the last 26 years, supplemented by many extraordinary new stories about the MX-5. All of this is summarized in a very high-quality edition booklet, which is now available for 7.90 euros at the kiosk or in online shop is available.


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