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Mazda MX-5 (2018) in the driving report: More power and Euro 6d-Temp

Mazda MX-5 (2018) in the driving report
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Mazda MX- 5 without petrol particle filter

M the main components of the engine update are various measures in the area of ​​the combustion chamber shape, the injection and the intake ports. Nice side effect: The Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard is met even without an additional petrol particle filter. With the soft top, the Mazda MX-5 2.0 is now 0.8 seconds (6.5 seconds) faster to 100 km /h. The top speed increases by five km /h to 219 kilometers per hour. With the smaller 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine, the output increases to 132 hp (plus 1 hp), with the 2.0 liter unit up to 184 hp (plus 24 hp). In addition, the maximum torque of the engine, which rotates up to 7,500 tours, increases to 152 Nm or 205 Nm. Both variants each consume 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Five new assistants

In addition to the engine modification, the little Japanese looks almost unchanged. The biggest innovation is that the steering column can now be adjusted both in height and in length as standard. The safety equipment has also been expanded to include the expanded City Emergency Brake Assistant, City Emergency Brake Assistant Plus, drowsiness detection, traffic sign recognition and a reversing camera.

This is how the new Mazda MX-5 drives

And how does the little roadster handle the changes? Short answer: As great as before - because the engine was and is not necessarily a decisive factor in the fun factor. Longer answer: So far, the small 1.5 series was a clear purchase recommendation because it turned more lively than the larger unit. Now, thanks to the extensive modifications, the two-liter is also celebrating - and turns up to 7,500 rpm instead of the previous 6,800.

The strengthened two-liter is also clearly more willing to turn.

The engine does not scream “Squeeze me out!” from every crack; but from 4,000 rpm at the latest you notice the additional punch of the Skyactive-G 184, as it is called in full; In particular, overtaking on short straights is now much faster. It may also be due to the lighter pistons and the new two-mass flywheel that the engine is more willing than before. On the other hand, we could not find any major changes in the sound, although the exhaust has been revised and is now supposed to dampen higher frequencies more than before and tend to let lower frequencies through. Here it would depend on an A-B test.

The power out of the curve has practically remained the same. Here one or the other Newton meter could be applied earlier and more to support the rear in its efforts. It still peeps out curiously when the load changes, but then trolls again, even if the right foot works hard against it. There is still not enough power for a Powerslide - but there is certainly enough power for combing through entire mountain ranges.

Because even after the overhaul, the MX-5 is completely itself: one of the greatest corner robbers of all. And thanks to the steering wheel that can be adjusted in height and not just in length, it is now offering its uplifting services to a wider audience than before. That would mean a supposedly small change would ultimately be an essential one.

From 22,990 euros for 132 HP with a soft top

Despite the innovations and the increase in performance, the basic version with now 132 hp continues to cost from 22,990 euros. The corresponding RF Roadster is available from 28,690 euros. The 184 PS fabric roof version costs from 27,790 euros, the corresponding RF model from 30,390 euros.


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