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Maserati Gran Turismo Sport in the driving report: gentleman and macho

Maserati Gran Turismo Sport in the driving report
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Make one out of two: The new M aserati Gran Turismo Sport replaces the previous variants S and Automatic , but is still available with both an automated manual transmission and a six-speed automatic transmission. All right?

Regardless, at the first throttle in the Maserati Gran Turismo Sport, the voluptuous sound of the Ferrari V8 blows away all musings. The 4.7-liter is 20 hp more than before and still very much the same - an Italian: loud, lively, impulsive. Its 180-degree crankshaft offset contrasts with other thumping V8s.

Maserati Gran Turismo Sport with cornering lights

In the middle of the life cycle, they also have the appearance of the 4.88 Meter-long Maserati Gran Turismo Sport worked. New headlights with xenon, cornering lights and LED daytime lanes as well as a modified front spoiler move it in the direction of the faded MC Stradale. Inside, new seats at the front and rear provide more caring support for the occupants; Complicated controls and graphics like kindergarten paintings make the Maserati Gran Turismo Sport fall apart from the competition.

But we'd rather look forward to the matt blue anodized Brembo brake calipers plus new wheels on the outside and leather, carbon and Alcantara on the inside. When driving, the Maserati Gran Turismo Sport quickly makes you forget its stately dimensions. In the version with sequential gearbox, this sits in front of the rear axle and shifts with noticeable pauses, knocking the gears really dry beyond 5,000 rpm. Otherwise the heads nod, at the same time the corners of the mouth go up when the Gran Turismo picks up speed again after double-declutching fanfare when downshifting.

This side of the Embarrassment limit

Its suspension with adaptive dampers is binding in normal mode and with a firm handshake in sport. In addition, the exhaust flaps are set to draft - the Maserati Gran Turismo Sport changes from gentleman athlete to four-seater macho on this side of the embarrassment line. If you like it smoother, you should choose the cheaper automatic version. It changes the levels more quickly and more smoothly, which makes it possible to get over the somewhat poorer efficiency. But which Maserati fan cares about himEfficiency?


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