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Maserati Gran Cabrio in the driving report: Maserati is open to four

Achim Hartmann
Maserati Gran Cabrio in the driving report
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Not because of understatement: Although the otherwise somewhat cheeky 4.7-liter V8 is so acoustically restrained when rolling in front of the club hotel like the gravel under the fat 20-inchers, the new M aserati not long ignored.

The trunk volume of the Maserati is modest, the rear seats are not

'Che bello', enthuses a golfer as he circled the Maserati -prachtkarosse. Only when the boot lid is opened does a certain disenchantment arise: “Given the length, I would have expected at least space for two golf bags.” Che peccato: Not even a scion from the old Italian car nobility seems to be above mundane everyday needs.

In fact, the modest 173-liter compartment behind the small hatch is hardly responsible for the addition of Gran to the name. More like the lush wheelbase and the imposing external dimensions, which, in addition to a gently flowing, spacious line, enable two surprisingly comfortable rear seats. The automatically advancing front seats save the rear passengers unworthy contortions when boarding, and in the two booths even adults do not feel punished. Compared to rivals such as BMW M6 or Jaguar XKR has the Gran Cabrio to offer almost full size here.

The Maserati Gran Cabrio weighs 100 kilograms more than the Coupé

Because, unlike its predecessor, the two-seater Spyder, which has been shortened by 22 centimeters, it takes over the dimensions of the Coupé Gran Turismo. However, the curb weight (1,980 kg) went up during the transformation; In addition to the convertible top mechanism and the rollover protection, special reinforcements in the floor pan, windshield frame and engine compartment take their toll. By using light, high-strength steels, the increase of 100 kg is at least moderate.

The company is particularly proud of the torsional rigidity of the body, which is best in class according to the factory, and the balanced axle load distribution that theclosed roof corresponds exactly to that of the coupé (front 49, rear 51 percent). The three-layer, tight-fitting fabric hood itself does not inflate and retains its fit up to high speeds, but also develops wind noise as does the frameless side windows. In addition, the small, heated rear window and the headrests only allow a limited view to the rear. So it's better to press the roof switch on the center console and swap the Alcantara for a capricious February cloudy sky.

The V8 casually pushes out of the engine speed range

In 20 seconds, the convertible top folds up in a giant wave behind the seats, granting free entry to the elements and a bubbling carpet of sound from four tailpipes. As impressive as the sound is the nonchalance with which the 4.7-liter V8 pushes out of the lower rev range and penetrates up to a light 7,000-meter heights. The 440 hp and 490 Nm are discreetly but very effectively passed on to the rear wheels by the six-speed automatic, even shifting with the selector lever or steering wheel paddles (240 euros) is possible, but not necessary.

The sports button acts like a wake-up call

Pressing the sport button acts like a wake-up call, which immediately rips the Gran Cabrio and its driver out of their comfort with an intensified exhaust drums. At the same time, the naturally aspirated engine takes on more jagged gas, the transmission with new software only shifts up at maximum speed, so that the two-ton truck storms away even more energetically. The adaptive dampers are also tightened so that the pilot only comes into the personal limiter later when accelerating longitudinally and laterally.

The chassis is tight, but not unduly hard tuned

The sprint from zero to 100 km /h should succeed in 5.3 seconds - 0.4 more than in a coupé with the same engine - but in view of the reserves available at all times, this value has a similar academic effect as the one at twelve (open 21) km /h lower top speed. The good safety equipment - now with brake assist - as well as the neatly coordinated, appropriately stiff chassis, which prevents undue hardship as well as body wobbles during cornering stress, deserve more respect.

Despite its precise, finely balanced steering, the Maserati shows the wiry- light-footed athletes with razor-sharp handling little talent - and ambitions. The Rubens figure is more of a hindrance, especially on narrow country roads or in big city traffic, over two meters wide (with exterior mirrors) cannot be disputed away. The Americans like it a little bigger, and most Gran Cabrio's will be cruising on their highways.

But a maximum of 150 Germans per year can show greatness - by generously ignoring the Maserati's small weaknesses and invest 132,770 euros.


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