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Manthey-Porsche M600 based on GT2 in the test: GT2 conversion is fastest in Hockenheim

Rossen Gargolov
Manthey-Porsche M600 based on GT2 in the test
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In order to put the scope of the Manthey-Porsche M600 system in perspective, a short one is recommended Review: in the sport auto issue eleven from 2007. That is where the basis of the M600, the P orsche 911 GT2, as part of the superbly completed super test of the assembled Sports car competition already impressive the Levit en read. With 78 out of 80 possible points, the GT2 almost degraded the rest of its guild to extras. Supertest author Horst von Saurma went into raptures and attested with respect that “the rear-engined concept apparently still contains fantastic resources from a technical point of view.” So the 911 GT2 a technical and dynamic vehicle barrel without a bottom?

In fact, the example of the Manthey GT2 shows that the package of the series GT2 is at its limit. Lap times of 7.33 minutes on the Nordschleife and 1.09.7 minutes on the small circuit at Hockenheim, mixed with behavior that is also useful in everyday life - such a perfectly arranged structure does not go hand in hand without the maximum possible turn to the technical adjustment screws. Which makes the standard bar screwed up to dizzying heights. Topping them requires an immensely high effort. And this, in turn, demands a profound wealth of experience, which the troop around Olaf Manthey can undoubtedly attest. No open flank, no matter how small, remains unused in order to put the GT2 on the leather in terms of driving dynamics, but initially on the weight.

Manthey-Porsche has slimmed down 20 kilograms

The Porsche M600 has slimmed off around 20 kilograms compared to the GT2 series. In painstaking detail work, through the use of magnesium rims, Recaro bucket seats made of carbon as well as interior panels made of fine carbon fiber on the doors. In return, the front spoiler lip, the moderate extension of the rear wing and the vertical Gurney strips on the front wheel arches ensure an increase in downforce of around 30 kilograms. As for the less obvious interventions, these are also of an extremely profound nature. The cost of the new chassis components alone is proof enough of this.

Around 10,000 euros are under theFenders left as standard - pure racing high-tech. Even though the specially tuned coilover suspension and the newly designed dome bearings claim the even more modest proportions. It is primarily the comprehensive conversion to uniball joints that has a monetary impact - and in the case of longer stages also in the cross. The well-worn slogan “from the racetrack to the road” - it is firmly anchored in the essence of the Porsche M600. In practice, this means that the car implements what its pilot, embedded in excellent racing shells, does without play and humor. And he, in turn, neatly distributes whatever profile the road surface has to offer.

The Manthey-Porsche M600 is a 600-horsepower gem

It is precisely this firmness and dynamic alignment of the system that makes this floor-to-floor floor seldom reaches its true size on German motorways. The technical puzzle reacts too sensitively and too petty to asphalt landings. While in the rear under turbo hissing and dull boxer rhythm, huge things accumulate. When fully discharged, what the M600 is capable of in terms of propulsion ranks somewhere between infernal and apocalyptic.

The fact that the standard version loses just under a second when sprinting from a standstill to 200 km /h is a rather secondary finding. The real pound that lashes the Manthey scion forward in its brutal way is the 100 Newton meter increased maximum torque. An impressive power that has a lasting effect when measuring elasticity up to 180 km /h in sixth gear: the M600 of the series now takes three seconds. The four-valve engine, which is enriched by means of other intercoolers and a titanium exhaust braid from Akrapovic including new catalytic converters, speaks free of nasty onset of power attacks. As usual, polished and impressively elegant in its own way, the 600-horsepower gem pushes on.

Overtaxed rear axle tires

Nevertheless, the cheers when they first touched the small track in Hockenheim were not too frenetic. Although the M600, equipped with identical tires, sets the lap time of the production GT2 by four tenths of a second. However, the 1.09.3 minutes achieved are not easy. The impressive steering precision means that in the limit area an agile rear is not only to be expected, but also to be handled all too often. It is only during the difficult ride to the limit that it becomes clear that the rear axle tires sometimes feel overwhelmed in view of the greatly increased conditions.

And only with a newly assorted combination of special Michelin Pilot Cup tires does the fragile system of the sharpened 911 GT2 come into play againLot. The 19-inch models, which are ultimately 265 millimeters wide at the front and 345 millimeters at the rear, round off the package perfectly. And not just in such a way that the M600 burns a new sport auto best time in the Hockenheimer Motodrom with a fantastic 1:08.4 minutes. It is the lack of driving dynamics with which the Manthey-GT2 practices this parforcer ride. Exactly the one that also helped the series GT2 to receive praise in 2007.

Here you can find all lap times on the small course in Hockenheim from the individual and comparison tests.


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