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Manhart Toyota Supra GR 550
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W hen you look around anyway takes care of the tuning of BMW engines, it doesn't matter whether it is in a BMW or a car of another brand. Since the Toyota GR Supra is technically largely identical to the BMW Z4, it is easy for tuners to adapt the components to the Japanese.

With software and hardware to 550 PS

In the variant with the three-liter in-line six-cylinder, the Supra rolls out of the showroom with 340 hp and 500 Nm. If Manhart inserts his additional module for engine control, it turns out to be 450 hp and 650 Nm. In the meantime, the tuner has also turned to the hardware for the BMW engine: the series charger gives way to a counterpart from 'TTE - TheTurbo-Engineers', and Wagner Tuning supplies a more powerful water cooler. As a third measure, Manhart puts a complete exhaust system from FI Exhaust including a downpipe and 200-cell catalytic converter under the underbody of the Supra. The result is 550 hp and a maximum of 770 Newton meters in the data sheet.

The maximum power gives the Manhart Supra its name - GR 550. In combination with the 450 power level, Manhart installs a stainless steel exhaust instead of the complete exhaust. Rear silencer with valve control. Its exhaust tailpipe trims are available either in black or with a carbon coating. There is also a downpipe for this variant, optionally with a 300-cell catalytic converter or for export and motorsport use without a catalytic converter, as well as a replacement pipe for the gasoline particle filter. Matching software controls allow the pilot to freely command the exhaust flap using buttons on the steering wheel.

Sports suspension and matt gold foil

For added driving dynamics, Manhart also screwed on the suspension of the Supra around. The customer can choose between lowering springs from H&R or a coilover kit from KW, which Manhart has specially designed for the GR 450. Manhart packs Concave One alloy wheels in the wheel arches. The double-spoke wheels have a sporty, elegant finish in 'diamond polished' or come in glossy black or matt black. The dimensions for the rims are 9x20 inches at the front and 10.5x20 inches at the rear. The mounted tires measure either 255/30 ZR20 or 265/30 ZR20 (front) or 285/30 ZR20 or 295/25 ZR20 (rear).

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoptical tuning, Manhart was initially cautious. As the Supra stillwas nicknamed the GR 450, the tuner was given a set of decorative foils with various decorative stripes and accent lines in red. When it metamorphosed into the GR 550, the sports car was not only gold-plated thanks to a complete foiling, it was also given a front spoiler lip from AC Schnitzer.


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