M-6 cylinder failed: M3/M4 delivery stopped

A faulty supplier part on the M six-cylinder is currently causing problems for BMW. Therefore, the Munich stopped the delivery of M3 and M4 for the time being.

While almost the entire automotive industry is having problems serving customers with desired vehicles or vehicle configurations due to the ongoing chip crisis, BMW is facing a very similar problem. The deliveries of the M3 Sedan, M4 Coupé and M4 Competition Cabrio (xDrive) are currently on hold in Munich. The reason for this: During a routine quality control, defects were found in the main bearing shells of the potent twin-turbo straight-six. Although BMW assembles the engines itself, the manufacturer obtains the shells, like many other components, from a supplier. ,

Anomalies in the coating process

If we wanted to tease a bit now, we would call that a brand tradition. Even the bearing shells in the M variants of the E36, E46 and E60 are prone to wear. But we don't want to tease. The main bearings act as a mount for the crankshaft and are lubricated with engine oil to avoid high-friction metallic contacts. However, this does not always succeed one hundred percent, not even with other manufacturers. In the present case, the parts have become conspicuous during the coating process of the base material, but according to the current state of knowledge, only 35 vehicles are affected by the faulty batch, as a BMW spokesman informed us on request.

"This is not a recall and none is planned for the time being. However, we do not deliver any vehicles with defects, which is why the affected models are currently being held back. We are currently working flat out on a solution and will see if it's a temporary problem, or if we have to go back to the hardware. We'll know that by the end of this week at the latest," the group said. If you are one of the 35 customers who now have to wait a little longer for their car, we recommend taking a look at our slide show to increase anticipation. ,


There are always problems with defective components at car manufacturers. In view of the fact that a vehicle was delivered that was free of defects as expected, the displeasure of the customers should be limited here. Apparently functioning quality control is more important to the customer than the promised delivery date.


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