Low mileage: Tim Allen has sold his Ford GT

US actor Tim Allen has sold his Ford GT. The star from "Listen, who's hammering" only drove the super sports car a little.

Ford has been building the Ford GT since 2016 - originally only 300 copies were to be made. Customer interest was immense - every buyer had to go through a rigorous application program. At least that's what they say. It is not known whether celebrities like US actor Tim Allen had to fill out an application. The creator and lead actor of the 1990s TV series "Listen Who's Hammering." (original: Home Improvement), who went on to have a successful film career, has only driven his Ford GT 700 miles (1,227 kilometers) in the past four years. Now he has offered his super sports car on the online auction platform Bring a Trailer - and made a decent profit.

.74. Example

Tim Allen's Ford GT is from 2017, a plaque on the passenger side of the dashboard indicates that it is the 74th model built. At the time, Allen ordered his car in the color Ingot Silver, and he took the option with visible carbon elements: accents on the side skirts, front and rear apron, the side mirrors and on the engine compartment slats are made of carbon fiber coated with clear lacquer. The two mighty titanium tailpipes of the sports exhaust system from Heffner Performance from Sarasota in the US state of Florida look out of the rear.

Dark Energy interior

For the interior, Tim Allen treated himself to the Dark Energy interior package, which is subject to a surcharge. These include Sparco bucket seats, which are covered with black ribbed Alcantara. In addition, there are further Alcantara and carbon fiber panels in various parts of the interior.

, Complete with delivery accessories

Tim Allen kept all the accessories supplied with the Ford GT. The configuration box with small sample rims, fabric samples and two painted miniature bodies is also part of the auction, as is the so-called GT Owners Edition Chronograph Customization Visualizer (turntable for setting various configuration options), a Ford GT sports bag intended for lithium-ion starter batteries Charger and photos of the car being made. Allen uses the Michigan-registered license plate "2L Time" (pronounced Tool Time) to refer to the show, which the actor hosts as Tim Taylor in "Listen, Who's Pounding".

,From a million dollars

Allen only drove the Ford GT 307 kilometers per year. In the USA, with its large distances, that's not much - however, super sports car owners tend to look after their expensive cars rather than use them in everyday life. Anyway, Tim Allen raves that the Ford GT is the most race car-like car he's ever driven on the road. Ford itself has now increased the production volume of the GT to 1,350 vehicles. Apparently, this has not resulted in an oversupply: The starting bid for Tim Alles Exemplar was one million dollars (currently the equivalent of around 861,255 euros) - and the actor also achieved exactly this price.


The Ford GT is a rare and fascinating supercar - combined with prominent previous ownership, the price of such a car sometimes increases quickly. The proof comes from US actor Tim Allen, who is now one of the first celebrities to have offered and actually sold his Ford GT built in 2017 for one million dollars (861,255 euros). The new price of the car in Germany was around 530,000 euros.


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