Lotus Evora S: British finishing touches

Lotus Evora S
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'With our entire development budget, Porsche is just developing an instrument panel', a Lotus insider once jokingly announced when he asked for the Part of the moderate quality of British sports cars was addressed. After Lotus has already gradually optimized production processes, the processing quality of the model range is now also being increased. Especially the much scolded E vora benefits from this.

Significant improvement in the Evora transmission

sport auto drove an Evora S prototype from the 2012 model year beforehand.' We renewed 150 parts. Above all, we were able to improve the transmission that you rightly criticized, ”explains Matthew Becker, Senior Development Engineer at Lotus. The first time you drive in the Evora S MJ12, the six-speed transmission looks more harmonious. In contrast to the individual test , fast gear changes are now possible significantly better, and the wobbly alleyways no longer seem to be a problem. Until now, as a car tester, when accelerating quickly and changing gears quickly, you always had to worry about mercilessly tearing off the cables of the six-speed transmission. In addition to various gear changes, other shift cables, a new clutch and a new flywheel are used in the revised Evora models.

In addition, the Lotus crew modified the responsiveness of the V6 supercharged engine, which continues to produce 350 hp. 'In addition to a new engine mapping, we have optimized the engine mounting and developed a new exhaust system,' says Becker. The Lotus Evora S is significantly more jagged on gas commands. The Lotus Evora S now through its trapezoidal tailpipe. The flap exhaust system is now not only installed in the S model, but also in the basic Evora. When the sports button is activated, the Lotus Evora S roars from around 2,000 tours, and travels in normal modethe sporty Briton only opens the flap from 4,700 crankshaft revolutions.

The good chassis remained almost unchanged

'We hardly changed the chassis apart from the smallest details,' explains Matt Becker, who also works is responsible for the driving dynamics coordination. In the area of ​​driving dynamics, the Lotus Evora series had no catching up to do anyway. The developers of the interior had to sit in detention for much longer. Thanks to better leather quality and new and more closely embroidered decorative stitching, the Lotus Evora S interior now looks more valuable.

The Recaro bucket seats in the Lotus Evora S impressed with very good lateral support even before the cosmetic measures. Thanks to the new upholstery, the Evora pilot is now even more comfortable. New door sills are designed to protect the leather of the wide sill from damage when getting in and out. The infotainment system including the Navidisplay with Commodore 64 memory graphics was replaced by a more modern Alpine system. Optical retouching or not - the modifications to the Evora transmission should taste best for driving dynamics fans.


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