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Lotus Evora GTE driving report: Most powerful series Lotus of all time

Rossen Gargolov
Lotus Evora GTE in the driving report
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K great T-shirt: 39 pounds. Exclusive leather jacket: £ 895. Can something else be? Dignified trench coat, casual hat, trendy accessory? In any case, the rich offer gives a lot. No, we don't surf on Ebay, but stroll through the Lotus shop. After all, the traditional British brand is also among the fashion designers.

Whether with textiles, Formula 1 or Le Mans: Dany Bahar, 39-year-old CEO at Lotus, wants to strengthen the brand. It is to be polished to a high gloss, the somewhat faded sports car star of yore, in order to shine with the greats of the Champions League at the top of the firmament.

Lotus Evora GTE stands out clearly from the base -Evora from

With Ferrari, for example, which the British could only meet at eye level in summer 2013 at the earliest. Only the redesign of the Lotus Esprit has Mid-engine V8 the technical format to compete in the super sports league. To date, the staff carousel has been whirling around in Hethel, buildings have been increased, existing models have been fine-tuned or the modular jigsaw has been put together in new constellations.

The current, now much longer Lotus Exige S is also powered by the supercharged V6 engine from the Lotus Evora S. The 350 hp 2 + 2-seater, on the other hand, receives a noticeable quality boost in the interior and, as an IPS variant, an improved, now acceptable automatic transmission. And the most powerful series Lotus of all time, the Lotus Evora GTE, storms ahead of all short-term model innovations.

Black as night, the radical Lotus Evora GTE on the in-house test track wide. With massive carbon fiber cheeks, he puffs himself up massively. Someone got testosterone, but in the highest doses. The result is that the squat fellow with his new proportions radically distances himself from the basic Evora. At the front, a large lower lip protrudes from under the lush apron, at the back a charismatic wing rests on the buxom stern. A transfer of the Le Mans racer, also in terms of the materials used. '70 percentthe body of the Lotus Evora GTE is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, ”reveals project manager Ian Fry.

Every change of gear is accompanied by a nod of the head

With a total of 100 kilograms less weight, but around 100 millimeters more track width than the Evora S, the Lotus Evora GTE is focused on the essentials. Apart from the perfectly gripping seat shells, which are also covered in fine leather like the dashboard, carbon fiber material also dominates the interior - from the bare floor to the barren dungeon behind the seats to the door panels. To back up its serious intentions, the Lotus Evora GTE fires massive volleys of exhaust over Norwich. “Not yet fully compliant with the EU,” grins Ian Fry. Until the market launch in summer, he will still be educated, given him ESP and ABS.

A short pull on the long rocker switch, metallic clacking: frictional connection. The automated six-speed gearbox drums the gears into one another, not sanded with two clutches, but rather hydraulically commanded. Every change of gear is accompanied by a nod of the head, in recognition of the supercharged V6 of course ...

In any case, it deserves it, because the Toyota engine in the Lotus Evora GTE, which has been further refined on the intake and exhaust side, has it all themselves. Apparently devoid of any paralyzing, sluggish mass, he tears down the thousands on the tachometer scale with his left, dives greedily towards 7,000, and does not allow himself even the smallest pause.

Lotus Evora GTE agile like Wayne Rooney

A 3.5 liter with a bite - and the corresponding opposite, because the brakes of the Lotus Evora GTE grip no less vehemently. The large (19 inch front, 20 inch rear) but filigree wheels can be slowed down sensitively and emphatically. They are guided by longer wishbones, held by a tight spring-damper coordination.

This results in a successful construct that makes the Lotus Evora GTE as agile and agile as Wayne Rooney in the opposing penalty area. He starts dribbling precisely, pulls it straight through. The exact steering gives as dedicated feedback as a recruit at the first roll call. In the limit area, however, the Lotus Evora GTE remains neutral for a long time, but then announces the end of the laws of physics with a jagged rear, which is typical of the mid-engine.

In terms of driving, you should definitely know what you are doing when you are exploring the high dynamics of the radical, somewhat rough Lotus Evora GTE. Otherwise it remains to be patient. A good year until the completely new, probably more mature Haute Couture of the automotive Lotus collection is hopefully ready-to-wear.


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