Lister Storm II: dates, information, market launch

Lister Storm II
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E rste Lister provided information in February 2018 with a teaser image. At the time, Lister boss Lawrence Whittacker had sent a picture via Twitter and the announcement that the British would come with the Lister Storm II. The picture shows a sports car in the typical mid-engine layout with a lot of aerodynamic systems, wide-flared wheel arches and short overhangs.

Supercharged V12 with 1,000 hp

The rumor mill then worked hard afterwards. As the British Autocar reported, the Lister Storm II should compete with a 7.8 liter, turbocharged V12 from Jaguar, which should produce a good 1,000 hp. This should enable the Storm II to spurt to 100 km /h in around 3 seconds and reach a top speed of over 400 km /h. In February 2020, Lister reports again via Twitter with a second teaser picture, which has now been peppered with a reference to an electric drive. The British would follow the current trend of building hypercars with electric drive.


A street version and a pure racetrack version are to be launched. A production of six copies is calculated per year. The house number for the price is speculated to be 2.25 million euros. The British are currently still in the project phase and looking for investors.

Lister had already developed the Storm I in the 1990s. The four-seater was powered by a seven-liter Jaguar V12, which, as a front engine, powered the rear wheels. Only four copies were built. With the racing version of the Storm, Lister competed in various racing series.


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