Lister Knobbly Concept: Extremely open sports car

Lister Knobbly Concept
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L ister -Boss Lawrence Whittaker has published another teaser picture of an extremely sporty two-seater on his Twitter account. The design, named Lister Knobbly Concept, shows an ultra-flat sports car with a tightly cut stub windshield and obviously without any roof.

An air dome with integrated rollover protection rises behind the pilot. The low-lying bonnet is surmounted by the fenders. The wheel arches are also exaggerated at the rear. The Knobbly's nose crouches low on the road. Winglets and airblades optimize the aerodynamics around the front wheels. There is a mighty diffuser at the pointed stern. The tailpipes open laterally above the sill in front of the rear wheels.


Lister does not yet provide any information on the technology under the bodywork. Traditionally, however, the British relied on Jaguar models as the basis. An F-Type could come into play here.


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