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Lightweight Lambo: 1016 Industries Lamborghini Huracán Evo

1019 Industries
1016 Industries Lamborghini Huracán Evo
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N un good, if you take it seriously, then Any tuning brings something. After all, a changed look is also an effect. But the team from 1016 Industries wanted to give the Huracán Evo more than just a chic look. In addition to a moderate increase in performance, the tuners are also devoting themselves to a very important topic for sports cars: weight.

Now there are countless possibilities in the scene to equip your car with carbon fiber add-on parts. Carbon fiber is a lightweight construction material. While high-strength steel is in the range of 7.5 to eight grams per cubic centimeter, CFRP only weighs 1.5 to 1.8 grams and is therefore less weight than aluminum at 2.8 grams per cm³. But the term 'add-on' part already tells the inclined reader that something is added here and even if the extra part is very light, it still means a certain additional weight. The formula for success in vehicle optimization is not cultivation but replacement, and that is exactly what 1016 Industries has in mind.

1025 Industries
This gaze sends an ice cold chill down the spine of a tenderly strung.

Power up, pounds down

That is why they are replacing the front splitter and bonnet with carbon in their new range for the Italian extreme racer, saving 3.6 pounds compared to the standard version. Replacing the fenders saves another five kilos. The rear diffuser and the stainless steel exhaust system provide further savings. However, if you place less value on the kilos than on the appearance, you will not be chased away at 1016 Industries. A conversion can also be ordered as a widebody.

The tuner only slightly lifts the power by 20 hpand 19 Newton meters. Overall, the modified Lambo has 660 hp and 626 Newton meters of maximum torque. 1016 Industries does not state a sprint time or maximum speed. The production model runs to 100 and further up to 325 km /h in 2.9 seconds - values ​​that a sports car fan can certainly live with. Incidentally, the tuners are currently donating 10 percent of all profits in April to the World Health Organization (WHO). That makes the aggressive-looking Lamborghini Hurancán Evo a bit lovable.


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