Lexus LC F: Power version coming

Lexus Racing USA posted a teaser image of a sports car on Instagram - accompanied by the tagline "Expression of Supreme Performance" - which has Lexus fans all over the place.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda is into motorsport and has decreed a sports program corresponding to his entire group. Clear signs of this are the recently introduced GR Corolla or the announced manual transmission for the GR Supra.,

LC with biturbo V8?

But Lexus will also allow them to do more sport in the future. In the IS, which is no longer available from us, the Japanese have packed the well-known V8 sucker and thus ennobled it to the IS 500. The RC F is a second V8 sports model in the range. Now Lexus also seems to want to add a little to the top coupe LC (see photo show of the Hokkaido Edition special model). It's already available as an LC 500 with a 464 hp five-liter V8 suction engine, but only in a more luxurious version.,

The teaser image that has now been published clearly seems to refer to the Lexus LC. The accompanying text clearly gives hope for more power. In addition, the first picture shows a powerful dent on the bonnet, which promises more space for the engine underneath. Here we remember the V8 biturbo project with which Lexus competed in an LC 2019 on the Nordschleife . The supercharged V8 is said to have brought a good 600 hp to the start at the time. Accordingly, there were rumors that Lexus would bring a real F model from the LC. But then the Japanese had obviously stopped its development in order to realign the project. With the now published teaser, a fresh wind is blowing into the embers, from which something really hot could grow.,


At Toyota, people are thinking about more sport across the board and are following their words with deeds – i.e. cars. The sports program could now also have an impact on Lexus. A first teaser points to an extremely potent Lexus LC. The Japanese already had such a model in the making in 2019, but then allegedly rejected the project.


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