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Lexus LC 500 Cabriolet Concept: Luxury convertible costs 117,950 euros

Lexus LC 500 Cabriolet
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The open version of the L exus LC has come a long way. The Japanese gave a first look at the production model at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2019 with a corresponding study. Then Lexus showed a camouflaged prototype at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, which was only supposed to get feedback for the designers and engineers away from the famous racetrack. At the L.A. Auto Show last fall, the luxury Toyota brand showed the finished car. And in September 2020 the Lexus LC 500 Cabrio will finally come onto the market in this country.

One of the last with a naturally aspirated engine

Of course, the look of the convertible is closely related to the Lexus LC Coupé. In the open version, however, the windshield was made flatter. The tailgate, under which the folded top is hidden, has flat contours, but has been raised for a more harmonious overall impression. Overall, the Lexus LC Cabrio has an even more stretched line and of course a higher body rigidity, which is also achieved by the newly designed rear suspension. The 22-inch alloy wheels add a powerful touch.

Apropos powerful: The Lexus LC driven by a naturally aspirated petrol engine. Five liters of displacement are distributed over eight cylinders arranged in a V shape. The engine has an output of 464 hp and a maximum torque of 530 Newton meters. The performance: 0 to 100 km /h in 4.6 seconds and 270 km /h top speed. Fuel consumption is 12.6 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions of 288 g /km (correlated NEDC values).

Open after 15 seconds, closed after 16 seconds

The new Lexus LC 500 Cabrio transmits its drive power to the rear wheels via a ten-speed automatic. The engine sound is amplified by a sound generator in the dashboard, while unwanted noises and sound frequencies are suppressed at the same time.

Inside, the Lexus LC Convertible shines with a neck blow dryer and motor sound amplifier.

In terms of dimensions, that's 4.76 Meter long, 1.92 meter wide and 1.35 meter high convertible largely complied with the coupé specifications. Only in terms of height does the open 2 + 2-seater undercut the closed one by five millimeters. The four-layer fabric roof opens fully automatically in 15 seconds and closes in 16 seconds, each at a speed of 50 km /h. So that it doesn't get too stormy in the cockpit when the top is open, there is a transparent wind deflector made of polycarbonate.

With neck hairdryer and automatic climate control

Inside, the Lexus LC 500 Cabrio is characterized by details such as graduated quilting and perforation patterns in the upper part of the seats as well as the brand logo embossed on the back of the headrests. The heaters in the headrests put warm air like a scarf around the neck of the occupants. The 'Lexus Climate Concierge' automatically coordinates all air conditioning functions and takes into account whether the top is open or closed.

The luxury convertible can now also be ordered in Germany. Prices start at 117,950 euros. The limited edition 'Regatta' will also be launched at the market launch. The Touring Package with seat covers made of semi-aniline leather, surround sound system and head-up display is available for at least 138,800 euros. There is also the performance package with Torsen limited-slip differential, high-performance rear transverse dampers and carbon door sills. 21-inch wheels are also included in the scope of equipment, as is the exterior paintwork in Stratus blue and the navy blue soft top. Those who freely configure their Lexus LC 500 Cabrio, on the other hand, can choose from eleven exterior, two soft top and three interior colors.


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