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Lanzante McLaren P1 Spider: super athlete loses roof

The Lanzante specialists have transformed the ten-year-old super sports car into a convertible. The P1 Spider celebrates its premiere in Goodwood.

In 2013, McLaren presented its first hybrid super sports car, the P1. Almost a decade later, the bolide celebrates its premiere again. This time, however, as a convertible under the name P1 Spider. The sports car specialist Lanzante from Great Britain, who has already converted the racing version P1 GTR into a roadworthy version, is responsible for the recent debut, which is currently being celebrated at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood ahead, who loves his P1 but would like to have it as a convertible. Lanzante got help from Paul Howse, who was responsible for the design of the P1 at McLaren at the time. After all, the open P1 should continue to come up with a harmonious design.

Top off, rear new

And the transformation was not only a big task for the designers. In order to compensate for the loss of the roof, deep interventions in the carbon structure of the hyper sports car were necessary. The remaining part of the MonoCage chassis has been extensively reinforced - but in such a way that it is not visible from the outside. The area around the engine cover also had to be completely redesigned. Airdomes are now piling up behind the two passengers, sloping down towards the rear in a long, slender line. Air shafts in their tips replace what used to be the central air intake on the roof. In between, a newly designed scale cover directs more cooling air to the drive. All components are of course made of carbon. The frames of the side windows were also cut. Only small triangular windows in the front remain. The Lanzante team also relocated the door hinges and subtly adjusted the front fenders. Should the P1 team actually encounter bad weather, a foldable emergency cover can be opened, which can be carried in the vehicle.,

But because the P1 Spider was primarily built for the hours of sunshine in life, Lanzante also laid in the cockpit after. Here all surfaces were covered with UV-resistant materials.

Only a maximum of five will be converted

The hybrid drive train and other technology, however, remained completely untouched. The P1 Spider continues to rely on the 3.8-liter biturbo V8, which, in combination with an electric motor, releases 918 hp and 900 Nm of torque.

In total, Lanzante wants to build a maximum of five copies of the P1 Spider. Interested parties must, however, deliver a P1 and then wait around six months. Only 375 copies of the McLaren P1 were originally planned. Ultimately, the British built 439 units by the end of production in 2015. The new price was around 1.1 million euros. Lanzante does not reveal what the conversion to the Spider costs. But that shouldn't matter for the clientele either.,


At the customer's request, Lanzante made a convertible out of the McLaren P1 hybrid super sports car. The technology remained untouched. However, Lanzante does not want to produce more than five of the Spider variants.


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