Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 costs 4.5 million euros

Lamborghini has had the super sports car Sián since 2019. There are only 63 copies of the coupe in total. One of them is looking for a new owner in England. Cost point: More than 4.5 million euros.

When Lamborghini presented its latest work at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2019, the Italians drew all eyes. The Sián FKP 37 was the first hybrid supercar from Bologna. To date, the car is the most powerful Lamborghini of all time. It borrows the single-displacement V12 engine from the Aventador and brings a whopping 785 hp with it. This is joined by a 34 hp electric motor. Combined, the drive of the Sián ends up with 819 hp.

Unlike most hybrid cars, the Lambo uses a supercapacitor and not a lithium-ion battery. The Italians install the 48-volt electric motor directly in the transmission and connect the supercapacitor there. Advantage of this solution: The entire electrical package weighs only 34 kilograms. The Sián boosts the extra power, especially at medium load, as confirmed in the driving report by auto motor und sport (09/2021) .

For so much power, you need all-wheel drive to push the maximum possible 758 Nm of torque into the asphalt. The Lamborghini sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The Italians state the top speed as 350 km/h. The word Sián comes from the Bolognese dialect and translated means lightning - appropriate for the performance values.

Only 82 copies of the Sián FKP 37

The suffix FKP 37 goes back to Ferdinand Karl Piëch, who was born in 1937. Piëch passed away in 2019. As part of Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group, Lamborghini dedicated this abbreviation to him. The number 63 is affixed to the model to be purchased. In the end, Lamborghini only built 63 of the coupe. There are only 19 cars of the Roadster. Together they make the number 1963, which marks the founding year of the sports car manufacturer. ,

All of the only 82 super sports cars built were sold before the IAA 2019. The model at the English car dealership Amari should be of particular interest to collectors. The Sián has almost new car condition. The Lamborghini only ran 237 miles. That's the equivalent of almost 400 kilometers. The car is less than two years old. The first registration dates back to March 2021. Amari is asking four million pounds for the Sián, which corresponds to more than 4.5 million euros.

For the design, Lamborghini used the Countach and the Terzio Millenio concept vehicle. A recurring element of the Sián is the Y-shape. Both the LED lights, the air intakes and the hood are designed according to this pattern. They give the Super Lambo a sleek look. At the rear, the two pentagonal tailpipes catch the eye.Together with the curved wing and the distinctive diffuser, the super sports car remains true to the typical Lambo design.

Black and gold Sián

The Sián's dress turns black. The Italians give the color the sonorous name Nero Helene. The golden accents create a contrast. The 20-inch rims are also gold.

Many elements such as hood, front hood, front spoiler lip, parts of fender and rear spoiler are made of carbon fiber. If you open the gullwing doors of the Italian, many carbon elements catch your eye. The golden accents that Lamborghini also uses inside are recurring.

With a price of more than 4.5 million euros, the Sián has already doubled its value. As a new car, the Super Lambo cost 2.3 million euros. Will that prevent many interested parties from striking anyway? After all, the collector's value of the Sián is more likely to increase than decrease.


The Lamborghini Sián is the most powerful car from the Italian sports car manufacturer. Lamborghini only built 82 of the vehicle. One of the 63 coupés is for sale in England. However, the cost of 4.5 million euros has been washed away. As a new car, the Sián cost "only" 2.3 million euros. For collectors with enough money on the high edge, the Lambo should still be a good investment.


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