Lamborghini Auténtica and Invencible: V12 farewell

At Lamborghini, the signs point to electrification. To say goodbye to the pure V12 naturally aspirated engine, there are two more exclusive one-offs.

After a good eleven years, Lamborghini stopped producing the Aventador super sports car in October 2022. The last Aventador built was an LP 780-4 Ultimae Roadster. Anyone who believed that this would also be the end of the naturally aspirated V12 engine at Lamborghini does not really know the Italians. Of course, the end of the V12 as a purely naturally aspirated engine was duly celebrated.

Truly the last V12 sucker without electric support

Only a few weeks before the debut of the first super sports car with hybrid drive, Lamborghini is presenting two unique models, the Coupé Invencible and the Roadster Authentica, which duly mark the end of the V12 era.

The two unique pieces were built by the Lamborghini Centro Stile on the basis of the Aventador's V12 platform. The design shows influences from the special versions Sesto Elemento, Reventón and Veneno. The bodies are molded from full carbon, the bonnet is reminiscent of that of the Essenza SCV12. Together with the striking front splitter with vertical struts, it is designed to control the airflow as efficiently as possible. The typical hexagon design feature can be found in the design of the headlights, daytime running lights and rear lights. The air intakes on the bonnet are reminiscent of those of the Sesto Elemento. Further similarities can be found in the central triple exhaust with Inconel tailpipes.

The interior of both vehicles is characterized by clear lines. Its minimalist dashboard is accented by hexagonal 3D-printed air vents. The console does not have any instruments. The cockpit itself is wrapped in carbon fiber and features a digital display with graphics specific to each model.

Red for the coupé, gray for the roadster

For the coupe Invencible, Lamborghini chose the contrast between the dominant shade of red and carbon-look elements with red "particles". The Rosso Efesto (Red) body is complemented by carbon fiber sills and door frames and Rosso Mars (Red) brake calipers. They sit behind wheels with a central nut connection and carbon fiber panels. The classic scissor doors are equipped with two distinctive hexagonal tricolor elements. The homage to the Italian flag can be found on both the door panels and the steering wheel.

The body-colored interior features contrasting leather elements in Rosso Alala (Red) and Alcantara details in Nero Cosmus (Black), accented by personalized embroidery in Rosso Alala (Red) and Nero Ade (Black). The dashboard is adorned with a Lamborghini logo in the color Rosso Efesto (red), which is also used for the shift paddles on the steering wheel.

The Roadster Auténtica is similar, with the color combination Grigio Titans (grey) with details in matt black and a color scheme in Giallo Eye (yellow) being used here. That hue is also found on the brake calipers and key aerodynamic elements. These include the front splitter and the motorsport-derived rear wing with two side fins to optimize downforce. Two domes with integrated roll bars in the style of the open racing cars of the past ensure a distinctive vehicle profile. The interior features elegant Giallo Taurus (Yellow) embroidery contrasting with Nero Ade (Black) leather upholstery and Nero Cosmus (Black) and Grigio Octans (Grey) two-tone Alcantara.

The Invencible and the Auténtica are now really the last two vehicles produced by Lamborghini before the transition to the hybrid era, which are equipped with a longitudinally mounted 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder mid-engine (Longitudinale Posteriore: "LP"). In the unique pieces, the V12 unit delivers 780 hp and 720 Nm. The V12 is paired with an ISR seven-speed transmission, all-wheel drive and an all-wheel steering system.


With two unique pieces on the Aventador platform, Lamborghini says goodbye to the V12 engine as a purely naturally aspirated engine. The next generation of sports cars will no longer be able to avoid hybrid support.


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