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KTM X-Bow RR in the driving report: Even lighter and faster? Here you go!

KTM X-Bow RR in the driving report
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The K TM X-Bow RR says the KTM man, that's probably why he has around 365 hp, but that's okay.

KTM X-Bow RR a lightweight with 800 kg

And yes , the performance hits around 800 kilograms. Semi-slicks are on, the track is damp - how appropriate. But nobody can handle the gas as carefully as the KTM X-Bow RR would accelerate not impressively to brutally, especially around 3,400 rpm it takes a lot of feeling so that the force of the loader does not irritate the rear. The short wheelbase and manageable steering angle do not speak in favor of a pronounced drifting talent of the mid-engine projectile. One thing is clear: the RR is fast, always: fast on the straights, fast in the curve, fast when decelerating - and fast when wedging.

But the last 'fast' creates a lot of arrogance or rough behavior on the small buttoned steering wheel ahead, because the mechanical grip hardly wants to tear off, only requires short braking maneuvers on the sweeping motorcycle course.

Turbo engine roars and hisses

With no windshield, the driving experience has an archaic component anyway, the helmet pushes through massive air masses, while the turbo engine roars and hisses, whistles and trumpets at the back. Many sports cars are terribly strong, but only a few are terribly light, and you can tell that the KTM X-Bow RR on, when braking and when turning: Nothing pushes, pushes or pushes, at least not for a long time, and if it does, the speed is too high anyway, the gravel bed rolls the red carpet.

No wonder that there are usually around 30 drivers fighting each other in the X-Bow Battle, not only exposing themselves to the track and the car, but also to the elements. Of course, all brand cups appeal with the honesty of motorsport due to the very similar technical requirements. However, there is hardly anyone closer to a formula racing series - regardless of the size of the air restrictor.


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