Keyvany HP850 Ferrari F8 Tributo/Spider

Tuner Keyvany gives the Ferrari F8 Tributo and its Spider version a carbon upgrade and a full performance boost.

A Ferrari is inherently fast and dynamic, desirable and visually a feast for the eyes. However, numerous tuners are still trying to take the Ferrari myth one step further. Keyvany from Viernheim near Frankfurt/Main also dares to do that.,

Another 130 hp for the V8

The most recent project is accordingly the Keyvany HP850 based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo and its Spider variant. The combination of HP850 in the name clearly shows where the journey is headed in terms of performance. A flap-controlled high-performance exhaust system, in conjunction with sports catalytic converters, ensures more draft on the exhaust side. If there is also the influence of the newly programmed engine control, the 3.9 liter biturbo V8 swings up to just 850 hp and a maximum of 922 Nm of torque. The sprint time to 100 km/h drops by a tenth of a second to 2.8 seconds, the top speed is 11 km/h higher than before - at 351 km/h.

Carbon for the eye and aerodynamics

Because the Keyvany HP850 isn't always overtakes its observer with this speed, the tuner squad also lends a hand with the optics. The choice here is carbon fiber laminate in visible construction. The front apron is equipped with a new spoiler lip, a new mask and new inserts at the top and bottom. The front hood benefits from another carbon insert. Splinter attachments on the front fenders round off the new face together with wing elements on the headlight air intakes. On the flanks of the F8 Tributo, the eyes stick to carbon mirror housings, new side skirts and carbon inserts in the air intakes. Even the door handles are accentuated with the noble composite material. Plenty of carbon fiber also characterizes the rear view of the Keyvany HP850. The rear diffuser, the rear spoiler and other air intakes ensure a gigantic carbon landscape. The bottom line is that Keyvany not only promises a unique appearance, but also more downforce on both axles and optimized ventilation in all areas. They are available in a five-twin-spoke design or with Y-spokes in various surface variants.

The Keyvany team customizes the cockpit area according to customer requirements. In the decorators' cutlery box you will find plenty of leather, carbon applications, door sills, floor mats or even illuminated starry skies.,


Keyvany packs 130 more horsepower into the rear of the F8 Tributo and lots of carbon on the body. The tuner calls the overall work of art Keyvany HP850 with reference to the 850 hp total output. The F8 becomes more conspicuous with this cure, everyone has to decide for themselves whether it becomes more desirable.


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