Jaguar F-Type R: Oldschool supercharged V8 GT

In the meantime, sports cars with a V8 drive are a rarity. Viewed soberly, a 575 hp GT athlete also falls out of time. Luckily we are completely V8 drunk and have tested the sports car.

Let's assume that the Jaguar F-Type R is a normal car. One that we test objectively and free of emotion. That's why we don't celebrate the grandiose, acoustically still omnipresent V8 or the classically beautiful GT proportions. Okay, as you can see, you can't do without it. Nevertheless, we will first focus on the everyday qualities, because the F-Type certainly has them.

Of course, the R, which costs around 130,000 euros, does not fit into the family budget. That's why it hardly bothers you that you travel in pairs at most and that passengers should get by without a booster seat due to the lack of Isofix. After all, the noble jacket hangs crease-free on the hook behind the seats - we simply assume here that Jaguar owners do not travel in sweatpants and hoody. At best, they are in hand luggage, which easily fits under the large tailgate.

Gran Turismo old school

Everything safely stowed away? Then off to the driver-oriented, all-round leather-covered cockpit with brushed aluminum, but also some rude plastic here and there. Deep down, just in front of the rear axle, you snuggle up in the seat, turn the controls for the air conditioning, touch the small infotainment screen or press real buttons on the steering wheel and on the center console. The best thing about it: The latter only commands functions for those with sporty ambitions - traction control, exhaust flaps, rear spoiler and automatic start-stop. Well, the eight-cylinder sounds just too wonderful to choke on every freeway exit.

Above all, you protect the engine by squeezing out the 575 hp beforehand. Because the Jag sprints to a hundred in under four. He celebrates the act of acceleration up to 300 km/h, although he weakens slightly just before the finish line. But it escalates in a way that no turbo or naturally aspirated engine can: well below 2,000 rpm, the supercharger accumulates enormous torque, piling it up to 700 Nm - and howling, biting and hissing with every gas impact. It sends up to 90 percent of the power to the 305 tires on the rear axle and powerslides off the corner exit with relaxed traction control. The other way around, it stops after less than 33 meters when braking hard. Pretty sporty, right?

But the F-Type can also be different: In comfort mode, it tames all characteristics and tries to spring more finely, which doesn't always work. The R sees itself as a sporty top model - and yes, it's difficult to remain objective.


Four stars for the V8 sound, the driving performance and the guaranteed experience. One star deducted because other GTs can do it even better for the same amount of money.


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