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Jaguar F-Type AWD in the driving report: Intelligent all-wheel drive athlete

Dino Eisele
Jaguar F-Type AWD in the driving report
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The wet, rained Estoril F1 circuit is as if painted to show the advantages of the new J aguar F-Type versions. New to the pre-series prototype on this page: the all-wheel drive, the 550 hp supercharged V8 (previously only available in the coupé) and the electromechanical steering. First lap to get to know, the course is slippery, the tires as cold as the wind that blows over from the nearby Atlantic.

A few Newton meters of torque go forward

Then it starts, in Jaguar F-Type R AWD is no longer hammering the V8 quite so outrageously, but pushing it vehemently over the long straight. Then brake, a tight right, slightly downhill, hit the gas again. The Jaguar F-Type AWD only slips away at the rear for a short time, the intelligent all-wheel drive system sends a few Newton meters of torque forward, pulls the car straight, and it goes on.

That is fun, also because the Jaguar F-Type is normally on the road as a rear-wheel drive, only if there is no grip at the rear, the front wheels grip. The system is called IDD (Intelligent Driveline Dynamics) and impressively underlines how much the engineers at Jaguar-Land Rover know about sophisticated all-wheel drive systems. It works perfectly, smoothly and almost imperceptibly, so the strong roadster is not only fun on the wet racetrack.

Jaguar F-Type AWD also with V6 engine

Makes a good impression also the new steering. It's not too easy and gives you a lot of feeling for the front wheels. The torque vectoring brake is also new and standard in the R (otherwise at an additional cost). It also contributes to the fact that the Jaguar F-Type AWD is considerably more agile and light-footed. All-wheel drive will not only be available for the top model, the V6 with 380 hp will also be available as AWD, costs from 85,000 euros (Roadster from 72,000).

But there is even more news: The new entry-level model with the 'small' V6 and manual transmission could also be briefly tested. It is a case for switching hardliners and is available from 65,000 euros. As I said, they're really seriousat Jaguar.


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