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It hurts: Ferrari Roma falls down the elevator shaft

A Ferrari Roma in Palm Beach has been totaled. In a dealer's premises, the sports car fell down the elevator shaft - and yes, these pictures hurt.

To put it positively, the accident in Palm Beach was a blessing in disguise. After all, it's "only" a Roma lying in the backyard ready to be cannibalized. The entry-level model, available from 213,000 euros. Not a bargain, of course - but it could also have been a special model that easily costs twice as much. In this respect - oh... what's that supposed to mean? We can't talk ourselves into it. ,

Here's what happened: A dealership's vehicle elevator in Palm Beach, Florida, had a malfunction. Unfortunately, while said Ferrari was about to change floors. As a result, the sports car fell down, hit the rear and remained standing vertically in the shaft. The arrived forces of the Palm Beach Fire Rescue first took care of the spilled petrol and finally freed the remains of the Roma with several winches. A four hour mission. ,

In the standard version, the Roma accelerates to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, it only managed 9.81 meters per second squared - and not for long. Too bad about the GT from Bella Italia, but at least no limited model was broken here. After all: A few spare parts should jump out. The exterior mirrors still look pretty good. You can see the Roma in full bloom in our photo show at the top of the article - guaranteed accident-free. ,


In the foreseeable future, even sports car manufacturers will switch entirely to electric operation. The loss of such an emotional burner hurts even more. After all, the Ferrari involved in the accident is not a limited special model, but a standard Roma. But we still wouldn't have wished for an ending like that.


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