Interactive quiz: what type of sports car are you?

In this short personality test, we determine your sports car preferences. Should it be a muscle car, a Japanese coupe or a German icon?

For most of us it's a real dilemma: There are so many beautiful cars, but ordinary people don't have the means to own them all. Here we come around the corner with a little help. How about if we tease out your personal preferences on the basis of harmless background questions in order to at least narrow down the broad field a little. Let's just assume you're planning to buy a sports car, but haven't been able to decide on a concept yet. In our personality test, you at least narrow down the field between muscle cars, Japanese athletes and domestic products from Germany. Just click through. But don't cheat, because in the end you're just lying to yourself.,


Pull stripes on the asphalt with a fat burnout, whistle through the streets with a turbo roar or fillet curves with cool precision. There is the right vehicle for every application. Hopefully you've gotten a little further through the thicket of possibilities here.


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