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Hyundai RM16 Erlkönig: Mysterious mid-engine athlete

Stefan Baldauf
Hyundai RM16 Erlkönig
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P The Hyundai RM16 N was presented at the Busan Motor Show in Korea in June 2016, where its predecessors also made their debut. However, all three have so far been clearly dubbed pure concept cars. On the street? There was never a word about it. But instead of words, Koreans now seem to be translating into action. Gone are the days of reluctance. In Paris, the RN30 Concept gave a sharp outlook on the upcoming Hyundai i30 N - a compact sports car like a Golf R. With the now caught RM16 N things are getting even hotter.

That Hyundai RM16 Concept.

Output of up to 380 hp possible

The prototype caught seems to take up the concept of the studies - i.e. mid-engine concept. The unloaded two-liter four-cylinder sits across behind the two passengers and drives the rear wheels. A locking differential optimizes traction. In the RM concept cars, the output was last at 300 hp and 383 Nm. In the RN30 Concept, the four-cylinder was already specified with 380 hp and 451 Nm. In terms of gearbox, a manual six-speed gearbox and a double clutch box were used in the prototypes - here both seem conceivable for a small series.

The drive concept is also clearly reflected in the body design. The two-door model, which is reminiscent of the Veloster, has extremely wide flared wheel arches with ventilation gills. The deeply drawn front is dominated by a large radiator mouth, the license plate moved to the hood. Large gills open in front of the rear wheels to supply the mid-engine with air. The rear, in turn, is drawn through by various ventilation openings. In the basement, two fat exhaust pipes push through the diffuser skirt.

Markus Stier
Hyundai RM 15 Concept.

Hyundai RM16 N as a small series?

The steeply sloping roofline ends in a small one Tailgate on which a large spoiler is mounted. This was electrically adjustable on the study. A powerful Brembo brake system with red painted calipers shines through behind the lavishly dimensioned alloy wheels. So all signs point to attack.

It is not known whether the Hyundai RM16 N is designed as a small series for upcoming races, or whether it will actually be widely distributed among the sports driver population. Hyundai N boss Albert Biermann had announced three N models for the near future. The i30 N, an N model for the luxury brand Genesis and an unspecified third. Maybe it's exactly this RM 16 N?


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