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Hohenester-Audi TT RS expansion stage I in the tuning test: five-cylinder coupé

Hohenester-Audi TT RS expansion stage I in the tuning test
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'We have 70 centimeters of fresh snow, but tomorrow you will get the car at exactly eight o'clock, I promise.' Said and done. At 7:59 a.m. the next morning, the Hohenester Audi TT RS, crouching deep above the closed blanket of snow, sniffs to the sport auto underground car park.

Hohenester is gaining experience in motorsport

Alfons Hohenester is a man of action. What he and his team from Hohenester Sport tackle usually works - whether in motorsport or at the tuner grand prix of sport auto, Hohenester vehicles are known for their driving dynamics talent.

E a short reason why the tester of the team from Gaimersheim begged the most virgin project straight from the lift even in poor winter weather. Bubbling excitedly, the RS five-cylinder exudes original quattro romance and only wants one thing: strap on the Dunlop Cup tires that you have brought with you and dance lasciviously around the curves in Hockenheim. But then that: when you look at the webcam every day, the Formula 1 track is more reminiscent of a snow-covered biathlon stadium than a race track.

Hohenester Audi TT RS resembles a VLN racing car

With sponsor stickers on the side skirts and 18-inch ATS wheels sunk deep into the wheel arches the white TT resembles a VLN racing car at the rollout. An H&R Clubsport chassis lowers the body by 35 millimeters at the front and 30 millimeters at the rear. Thanks to his performance doping, the Hohenester would not have to hide in the endurance championship at the Nürburgring. After software changes to the control unit and an increase in the maximum boost pressure by 0.3 to 1.5 bar, it snorts with biting 420 hp instead of 340. The maximum torque climbs from 450 to 560 Newton meters, and the top speed increases to 304 km /h. For the right deceleration, Pagid brake pads grapple with the standard brake discs.

The Hohenester data sheet makes the mouth of the curious man run water. One week before the editorial deadline, Petrus finally opened the gates of heaven - the mild winter sun allowed Hockenheim to be open for the first day of measurement this year. The Bavarian ambitiously hunts down the measuring line for the pasture uplift in the test season. From a standing start, it hisses to 100 km /h in four seconds and undercuts the production model by six tenths of a second (see Audi TT RS in the super test ). The Hohenester with cup tires shines despite low temperatures, but thanks to the outstandingly working Haldex all-wheel drive with impressive traction. In the 18-meter slalom, it curves around the pylons thanks to the very tightly tuned chassis with barely noticeable side inclination and 70.4 km /h. It is only 0.4 km /h faster than the normal RS. Reason: At minus 2 degrees Celsius, it is difficult for the tires on the rear axle to reach the correct working temperature and prevent an even better result.

Hockenheim lap time of 1.12.1 minutes

Then it's off to the Hockenheim highlight - the lap time on the small course. Attention! With cold cup tires, the Hohenester rear wedges like at the rodeo. Only after five laps are the tires perfectly tempered. The TT can now be directed precisely. He follows curve commands with direct steering behavior. He remains extremely neutral. The rear axle, which is still prancing with cold tires, is now absolutely sure to stay on track. The reward for the good overall package is a lap time of 1:12.1 minutes. The Hohenester-TT RS is 2.9 seconds faster than the works car from Neckarsulm.

A second Audi TT RS expansion stage with 500 PS is planned

During a refueling stop before returning from Hockenheim, the tester discovers a short note from Alfons Hohenester in the glove compartment : 'Dear Mr. Gebhardt, I have a bad feeling about this short-term preparation phase and the 'half-finished' action.' The test impressively demonstrated that Hohenester doesn't have to have a guilty conscience. But what does 'half-finished' mean? Is this 1.12 candidate not yet properly completed? That's right, expansion stage II for the Hohenester TT RS is already being planned. Mechanical locks on the front and rear axles, a Haldex system that can be adjusted from the cockpit with an additional oil cooler, adjustable stabilizers and improved aerodynamics as well as the use of a larger turbo with up to 500 hp are then on the menu. We are already looking forward to the second driving dynamics festival from Hohenester.

Here you can find the Test of the Hohenester-Audi TT RS in expansion stage 2 .


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