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Hertz Camaro rental car with 760 hp from Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick /Hertz
Hendrick Motorsports builds Hertz special model
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N ur because you can't buy a fast car that doesn't mean that you can't drive a fast car. At the car rental company Hertz, PS junkies will soon get their money's worth. The US company called the racing team and tuning company Hendrick Motorsports to have a very special muscle car built.

More precisely, there are 224 Chevrolet Camaro vehicles. 200 of them are based on the Camaro SS, which with 20 inch rims, various emblems (outside), embroidered logos (inside) and a striking paintwork in the Hertz colors black and yellow makes it look like thick trousers.

Performance improvement on the assembly line

In addition to the new styling, Hendrick Motorsport also went a little further in terms of performance. The Charlotte company gave the Chevy a new intake system, a new exhaust and a strut bar for greater rigidity. The output has been increased by 25 HP to a total of 487 HP.

Hendrick /Hertz
Hertz ordered an optics and performance package for the Camaro from Hendrick Motorsports.

But because that's not enough, Hendrick Motorsport also took on the much more powerful ZL1 variant of the Camaro series for the car rental company. In addition to the SS modifications already mentioned, there was a new Callaway compressor for the 6.2 liter V8 engine in the top model. This increases the output from 618 PS to a whopping 760 PS.

24 Camaro ZL1 vehicles in the Hertz fleet

However, German Hertz customers have to fly across the pond when they do want to test drive one of the hot muscle cars. The 200 SS models will be onthe stations in Atlanta, Charlotte, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Tampa.

From the much more exclusive ZL1 A total of 24 vehicles will be built, which customers in Charlotte, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando and Phoenix can look forward to. The landlord did not want to reveal how much the fun costs.


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