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Hennessey McLaren Senna: 1,000 hp for the carbon racer

Hennessey McLaren Senna
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Until not so long ago, John Hennessey and his tuning troop were only on American vehicles interested. But now the Texans are increasingly enjoying bringing European cars to undreamt-of performance levels. Especially the products from M cLaren have done it Hennessey: Whether the 570 series, the 600LT or the 720S: For the entire range of McLaren sports cars, performance increases to 1,014 hp are available. This has recently also applied to the McLaren Senna.

912 or 1,014 PS - what would you like?

On the one hand, this is obvious, the tuning program should be adaptable with a manageable effort. After all, between the passenger cell and the rear axle there is always a V8 petrol engine with double turbocharging, which has a displacement of 3.8 liters in the weaker versions and 4.0 liters in the more powerful ones. On the other hand one could especially in the case of the Senna ask the question of urgency, after all, its four-liter twin turbo already delivers 800 hp ex works and releases a maximum torque of 800 Newton meters on the rear 315 mm rollers.

Hennessey only turns it into 912 and in two steps if necessary also 1,014 hp. The high three-digit value is given to those who have particularly permeable air filters, upgrades for the series turbos and the intercooler, a new stainless steel exhaust and a newly calibrated engine management system installed. It is four-digit with the help of a new turbocharger including stainless steel exhaust manifold, Motec engine electronics and an optimized wastegate system and transmission. The air filter, exhaust and intercooler are adapted in the same way as the weaker version. Of course, Hennessey also replaces all seals and fluids.

Emblems and badges have to suffice

The Texan tuner does without screaming visual activities such as body kits, larger wheels and the like. Only various badges and emblems on the exterior and interior indicate the power treatment. But the appearance of a McLaren Senna is in Series state dramatic enough.


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